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What a Day

It seems I am not alone with my struggles with jeans.  Apparently runners are not the fit models designers use, go figure.  Anyway, thanks for the nice comments.  I’m well aware that I’m not fat, it’s just frustrating to put on jeans that are way too tight, when a year ago you couldn’t wear them because they were too big.  I’m going to start really tracking calories for the next few weeks and see if that makes a difference.  Also, last night was night one of the vodka diet.  One drink, instead of 3 large glasses of wine.  Plus a turkey sub from Subway.

Yesterday was a bad day, I won’t go in to all the details, I’ll just show you this.

Needless to say, by the time I finally got home last night I was cranky, moody, and in desperate need of a drink.  I actually did force myself to work out though, and managed to do 3 miles in about 28 minutes before I died of boredom.  Did I mention I left my iPod in my car and was running sans music?  Yup, realized that just as I walked into the locker room to change, debated just going home, running back out to my car in the rain, or just sucking it up.  I sucked it up, sort of.  It still sucked.

When I finally got home I saw a large box from Victoria’s Secret sitting in my living room, and immediately tore it open.  Everything fits, luckily, and I don’t need to do any returns.  I bought a pair of nude Colin Stuart Pumps, two dresses, a pair of brown tights, and some basic things that I needed.  I can’t wait until summer to break out the new sun dresses.  I’ll show you pics at some point.  My night ended with a Skype date with Dar and TV in bed.  Ehh, I’m still pretty cranky today, and actually threw a pair of jeans across the room this morning.  It’s also rainy and gloomy which isn’t helping, maybe I need more coffee.  At least it’s Friday though, I guess.  Ugh, wow I’m not even that excited that it’s the weekend.

7 Responses

  1. Ok, take a breath and relax. You seem a bit tight. Take some me time this weekend. Get a mani/pedi or massage. Life’s too short. Smile and be happy. I know your thinking, ah shut up but hopefully you’ll smile……..Feel better……

  2. Ok – what kind of meeting needs to go that long? I get off work at 4:30, and if anyone makes me stay past 4:32 I’m PISSED!

  3. I’m way too dependent on my ipod. Even though i may zone for a good part of the run, I need it as backup. That’s just a fact.

  4. Cheer up grumpy gills. Or else you’re not welcome home.

    your fav roomie

  5. Embrace the leggings while you still can. I’m hoping to transition from them to shorts and never need to wear jeans again; those things are pure evil.

  6. I feel like we’re in the same mood right now. I am not fun to be around today. I’m trying to avoid eye contact so people don’t make the mistake of talking to me.

  7. I’ve been a bitch the last few days and don’t even care. I blame my roommate/ex.

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