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Whiney McWhinerson

Alright so general consensus is that my baby fever will pass once summer rolls around, thank god, and thanks for all the virtual slaps across the face.  I needed that.  Also, Darren didn’t know what an episiotomy was, haha so I told him to Google it.  His response, “omg that’s horrible”.  It is indeed, imagine being a woman and fearing having to go through that.  No thank you.  Here’s a picture of yesterday’s ensemble, because I realized the skirt looks completely different on a body then it does laying on my purple sheets.

Sigh, I wish I had a waist; sadly, I am built like a boy.  That’s my gym locker room, fyi, isn’t it nice?  After I snapped this picture, I changed and started what might go down in history as the worst run I’ve had in a long, long time.  Problem 1, my legs were still dead from Sunday and Tuesday.  Problem 2, my spinach and chickpea loaded salad was rebelling on my stomach.  Problem 3, my shirt was chaffing me like mad.  Problem 4, it was blindingly sunny for the first 1.5 miles.  What was supposed to be a 6 mile tempo run with 4 miles at a 9:05 pace because a shitty, shitty 5 mile run with 3 at 9:05 pace and an alternating run/jog mile cool down.  Bleh.  And I was sore after.  I am not recovering well from my runs this week at all, and I have no idea why.  Thankfully tonight is either a rest or cross training night, I need it.

I’m so happy today is Thursday, this week really seems to be dragging, and I kind of want to call out sick tomorrow, haha.  I mean it’s going to be 70, in February.  I just looked, this time last year I came home from NYC to snow.  Plus a 4 day weekend would be pretty delightful.  I won’t do it though, I’m a chicken shit.  Alright, well I don’t really have anything else to say today, so have a good one.

18 Responses

  1. aaaaaaahahahaha….



  2. Was yesterday the day that I read you took down almost a whole can of chickpeas? Understandable…

    After my 5-miler on Monday, I hopped off the tread and went immediately to the bathroom. Turns out my super spicy stew I made the day before doesn’t play nicely with the treadmill. Mon laughed so hard she almost fell off the elliptical. I gave her the finger.

  3. I had a run like that the other day. Its not fun.

  4. I have no waist either. Pisses me off to no end. I still think the skirt is super cute on you!

  5. That skirt is sooo cute. I have no waist either, but I love doing the high-waisted thing with a shirt tucked in. It creates the illusion of one I think. Doing it today actually.

    We’re supposed to get up to 80 today, it’s crazy.

  6. Here’s to hoping that it DOES go away!
    LOVE love your skirt!

  7. CUTE skirt! I don’t have a waist either…boy figure all the way!

  8. Oh and I didn’t know what an episiotomy was either. I just googled it. That should cure baby fever in anyone. I had to stop reading halfway through…F-ING OUCH!

  9. hehe great response to googling that – eek!

    Love the skirt and I think you have a great figure so whateva!

  10. If by waist you mean hips, then think again. I’m what you’d call “hourglass” and I’m really not a huge fan.

  11. I have a waist for sure and I feel like I can never wear anything tucked in. Honestly.

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