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Not Welcome

Yesterday I had a very serious discussion with my sister.  I needed her to slap some sense into me, and the baby fever out of me.  (Not to be confused with Bieber fever, because I’m totally ok with that).  I don’t know where this ridiculous want for children is all of a sudden coming from.  I don’t even like kids, honestly, my sister even said, “This is freaking me out, you hate children.”  The feeling is mutual, they don’t like me either.  Case in point.

This child could not be trying any harder to get away from me.  He was screaming also, and look I’m getting joy out of it.  I’m laughing!  Instead of helping, my sister just reminded me that I am almost 26 and my clock is ticking.  Bitch.  Anyway, so yeah, baby fever go the hell away.  Maybe I should go play with some puppies or something.

Last night I made it to the gym for an easy recovery run on the treadmill.  As expected it was ungodly hot, and then to top it off they brought in some Chic-fil-A party platters for some reason.  You know what I don’t want to smell 1 mile in to a 4 mile run.  Chicken nuggets.  And body odor.  It’s amazing I didn’t throw up.  Anyway, nothing remarkable about the run.  4 miles at a 9:40ish pace, and man did my legs feel heavy for every single mile.  There’s a tempo run on the schedule for tonight, I’m not looking forward to it.  Sunday’s long run really did a number on my shins, not the actual shin bones just the muscles there, and they are still pretty sore.  Waaah waaaah, ok whining over.

At least it’s Wednesday today, am I right?  I’m wearing my new Anthropologie skirt today also, which is making me happy.  Oh hey, and only one week left of February, yesss!  Hmm I may need to plan a trip home sometime in the near future to pick up my spring and summer wardrobe.  Alright, well enjoy the day.  Or something.



26 Responses

  1. Here, I’ll help:


    Just keep that uterus on lockdown over there. You’ve got plenty of time. 🙂

  2. ::virtual slap::

    I went through a phase like that when I was 26 or so actually. True story. I totally wanted to have a baby. But I got over it.

  3. Google or YouTube “childbirth”. That should do the trick.

    And seriously- who the hell would I drink wine with via twitter???

  4. I want babies SOOOO badly. It doesn’t help that the guy I “dated” for like ever is having a baby. Dangerously close to my birthday even.
    It helps to think about the tearing, and recovery that are involved in childbirth.
    And I know everyone says it goes back to normal, but I feel like the lady bits will never be the same . . .

  5. Sometimes I feel the same way about wanting babies. But then I realize that would make me a MOM!!! And that scares the crap out of me.

  6. Go volunteer at a day-care center. That’ll slap it out of you 🙂

  7. Ha I was totally getting the “I want to be married with children” fever about a year ago. Then my best friend had a colicicky baby. After all of her frantic emails about how awful her life was, and spending a few hours over there and hearing the hell for myself, I really started to appreciate being childless.

    Also, everyone in my life is pregnant. Instead of being jealous I just have a cocktail and look down at my size-4 ass and smile to myself.

    Just remember: babies cry, babies have poopy diapers, babies don’t sleep through the night, babies make your boobs and moods all crazy, and most important: babies grow up, and then you have someone who can talk back and take all your money.

  8. I have puppy fever, but I’m terrified of children. And the thought of birthing one? Hell no.

    It’ll pass, it’s probably a spring thing 😉

  9. Sometimes I want a baby, but then I think about how much of a pain my dog can be. And how I really like napping on the weekends.

  10. hahaha SO funny – I get baby fever now and again. And if your clock is ticking at almost 26 my 28-year old clock must be en fuego – eek!

  11. Definitely a spring thing. It’s the time for new life… the snow starts melting… the buds start popping… its baby fever time. By summer we usually get over it. Once it’s summer or fall and you want one still… it’s time. 🙂

  12. Oh girl.. i’m SO WITH YOU!! I’ve had major baby fever.. as well as wedding fever (which I haven’t been helping while watching Say Yes to the Dress). If you find a solution to this problem, please let me know. ASAP.

  13. The gym I used to belong to used to bring in Chic-fil-A too! I never understood that!!! I laughed out loud at your picture. I hope you enjoyed my baby video!

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