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Spring Fever

So what does a girl with no date do on Valentine’s Day?  Well, if you’re me, you go to the grocery store and laugh at all the men in there buying flowers and cards.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute fellas.  It was really amusing, and I actually laughed out loud when I got off the elevator on the second floor and saw the crowd of dudes in the card section.  Then I meandered over to the wine and picked out two bottles :).

The gym didn’t happen because I realized yesterday afternoon, with my long run happening on Sunday instead of Saturday that my schedule is all off by one day, and yesterday was a rest day.  Fine by me, since I had to go grocery shopping anyway.  The rest of the night was spent on the couch with my Valentine’s (Dani and Adrienne) watching the Caps play, shocker I know.

So I think the spring temps yesterday actually caused some people to lose their minds, because on my drive in this morning I saw a couple enjoying their Z3, with the top down.  It was 33 degrees.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves folks, it is still February after all.  Although with a forecast looking like this:

I can’t help but get excited either.  In fact plans for a BBQ and some back porch drinking may already be in the works for Friday.  I’m so glad I brought at least one pair of flip flops down with me when I moved!  Got to love random warm days in February.  All I could think about yesterday at work was that if I were still down at JMU in college, I totally would have bailed on classes to sit on the quad all day or drink in my backyard while playing beer die or something.  Sigh, the good old days.


outside day drinking, circa 2007

So pretty much the only thing getting me through this week, is the though of a three day weekend and having Monday off.  I think I’ve been looking forward to this holiday since we came back after Christmas haha.  Well, being as it’s Tuesday, I got stuck in a shit ton of traffic on my way to work this morning and my gas light came on.  Typical.  Anyway, have a good one!



23 Responses

  1. Yes– spring TOTALLY make me think about those lazy, hazy college days. Spring was the BEST in college. Sigh.

  2. Haha I love the group of men that all get their cards last minute. Its not like they didn’t know it was coming. 🙂

  3. Oh the gaslight game… it’s a fun one!

    And I’m sooooo ready for the extended weekend! Already planning a sunday funday…

  4. I’m loving this weather too! Totally reminds me of college day drinking.

    I have Monday off too, can’t wait for the weekend.

  5. I am loving this great weather! who can’t enjoy shorts after being inside for so long?

  6. Not going to lie, I am even getting in the spirit of warmer weather (I’m a cold weather girl). But wtf is up with today?! It’s COLD! And windy!!

    I love seeing the typical “last minute” people. Like the throngs in shopping malls on Christmas Eve.

  7. Ha flip flops will be worn on Friday. 65? Are you frigging kidding me? I may throw on shorts, too.

  8. It was almost 70 here last weekend. Makes me want to sit on a patio and drink bloody mary’s or something.

  9. this post so badly made me want to be a college kid again!!! well like you said, at least i can still grill and drink in my own backyard.

  10. just found your blog through Healthy Tipping Point!
    i’m a fellow JMU alum and all day yesterday i was thinking about how much i would give to be sitting out enjoying the sunshine on the quad…ahh nothing like it!

  11. may 2010. ha i’m still in denial.

  12. grrreat. ha
    i just did a post today about jmu.. that probably didn’t help!

    i love your blog, how can i ‘follow’ a wordpress blog?

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