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Well I’m back at work today, and the most difficult part of getting here was driving out of my neighborhood.  The fact that it never got plowed probably has something to do with that, but hey oh well.  I spent a lot of time last night confused and thinking it was Sunday, only to remember it was Thursday and only one day of work stood between me and the weekend.  So happy Friday!

The roommates, especially Adrienne, and I were starting to suffer from severe cabin fever yesterday, so after digging our cars out we went on a little shopping adventure.  We only had one thing on the list, and it only took two stops to find it.

Say hello to our new flat screen, 47 inch, LCD TV.  It was waaaay past time for an upgrade, since the previous TV had been around since our college days.  Plus we’re having a Super Bowl party, and we couldn’t very well expect people to watch the game in non HD.  So yeah, we splurged, and then spent the rest of the night admiring it.

Pumpkin’s vet appointment yesterday was frustrating.  Apparently someone didn’t go to the doctors with a full bladder, so they couldn’t get a sample.  They did however try to use an ultra sound machine to find her bladder, which she did NOT like at all.  I could hear her meowing from all the way downstairs in the waiting room.  They also left all the jelly they used on her belly, which I had to wipe off.  So now we have to go back tomorrow morning, and if she still doesn’t have a full enough bladder, I’ll have to leave her there for a few hours so they can get a sample.  Poor Pumpkin.

The weather this week really screwed up my training, and I’m hoping to get a run in today after work, unless some really fun plans come up instead.  I’m not too worried about it though, because I still have 9 weeks of training ahead of me, and it’s not like I’m starting from scratch here.  No real plans for the weekend yet, people have been hibernating in the cold weather.  Anyone else doing anything fun?

10 Responses

  1. Yay for a new tv!!! 🙂

  2. Big ass tv’s like that are awesome. My parents just got a new one and I’m having a hard time adjusting to watching regular shows in hd. Its so different.

  3. what was the first thing you watched on your new awesome TV?

  4. Aw poor pumpkin 😦

    What I’m doing this weekend is praying for spring. All weekend.

  5. Exciting! Super Bowls must be watched in HD, it is true.

    Poor Pumpkin. I hope things go better tomorrow.

  6. Enjoy the tv! I was really nervous when I bought mine last year, but it’s one of the best investments ever!

  7. Oooh, we’re about to splurge on a new tv too!!! Ours is seriously from circa 1985.

  8. Nice tv. We still don’t have a flat screen.

  9. Poor Pumpkin!! My cats HATE the vet too! Well, they really just hate getting in the car. A new TV is always fun.. enjoy!

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