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Crazy Cat Lady

It is a slushy disgusting mess out there this morning.  I woke up around 3 am to the sound of ice falling outside my window, and it’s still going.  Roommate Adrienne has off today because her school district is closed, but Dani and I had to drag ourselves out the door to work.  Here’s to hoping the 5-10 inches of snow expected to start falling this afternoon into tonight keeps us home tomorrow.



Is it spring yet?


After taking into consideration everyone’s comments yesterday, I’ve decided to just kind of use the virtual training plan as a guide, but really make up my own.  I actually loved the one from Runners World that I followed for my half training, so I’ll probably base this one off of that.  In case anyone is curious, the virtual training program says to make today a recovery from yesterdays hill workout, or do some cross training.  So I guess it does get more specific in the daily emails.

Anyway, last night I knocked out 4 miles in about a 9:40 pace.  I say about because I’m not sure since the gd treadmill decided to randomly shut off 1.5 miles into my run.  No warning, no slowing down, just all of a sudden at a complete stop.  You can imagine how gracefully I handled that, yes, I stumbled and nearly fell.  Love it.  No idea if a workout will happen tonight because of the lovely weather, I’ll be sure to let you all know if it does.  Don’t worry.

In non running and weather related news, and the inspiration for this posts title, I’m going to talk about my cat.  I had to take Pumpkin to the vet on Saturday; I just moved down here and wanted to find a new one and develop a relationship with them.  It’s also been a few years since she’s been since my vet at home retired, woops :(.  Anyway, after the initial visit they gave her a clean bill of health, said all looked good, and they’d call with her blood test results.  Sunday morning I get a message from the vet, that the blood results came back and everything looks ok, but there are some things that we should investigate.  Three unanswered phone calls from me later, and one message asking them to call me back, I finally talked to the vet last night.

Apparently there are two levels that are higher than they like regarding kidney function, so I need to bring her back in for a urine test.  Fast forward to me immediately freaking the fuck (yes I said fuck on the internet) out, especially after they tell me how they get the urine.  BLAH!  So she goes back Thursday, and until then I will be imagining all worse case scenarios.  Pumpkin is my baby, I’ve had her since I was 19 years old, I thought it’d be fun to look at some pictures of when I first got her.  Sorry if you don’t agree, like I said, I’m a crazy cat lady.

Me and Pumpkin the day I got her

She always loved to cuddle

She even came to college and learned how to play things like asshole and beer pong

Yes, she is a midget cat, she still only weighs 7lbs 12 oz.  Anyway, wish her good luck at the vet on Thursday, and since I’m trying not to drink this week give me some other ways to keep from spazzing.  Thanks.  Oh yeah, I also made dinner for me and the roommates last night.  It was my favorite Parmesan Crusted Chicken Stuffed with Mozzarella and Asparagus with a Lemon Poppy Seed Sauce.

21 Responses

  1. Poor Pumpkin! There’s nothing worse than your pet being sick, it’s so scary and sad because they can’t talk to you and tell you what’s wrong. I hope everything is ok!

  2. That’s why you have yearly checkups, so they can catch things like this before they get serious. I’ll be thinking of you two! She’s a cutey.

  3. Aww! I’m sure its not a big deal. She’s too cute to have anything wrong with her.
    Have fun getting the urine sample. I’ve had to do that with Lexie, she did not like it. She was super suspicious of me following her around the yard with a cup.
    I hope Pumpkins ok!

    • Yeah, hopefully it’s nothing to bad and we can do something to fix it. I almost didn’t have them run the blood work, I’m so glad they did though! Omg, to get the urine out they use a needle and syringe. I’m so sad 😦

  4. Oh no! I completely sympathize, I would totally be borderline suicidal if anything was ever wrong with my two babies (I am in complete denial that they are immortal).

    Side note – my cats are midgets too, Bailey weights just under 8lbs and Mica just over. People comment all the time on how tiny they are.

  5. OMG YOU HAVE A FOREVER KITTEN! I love those – so rare. I ask Austin (husband) all the time why they don’t breed cats to be small like they can do with dogs. VERY cute – hope Pumpkin feels better soon and YES, gross… ew… ready for spring.

  6. I’m so sorry you’re going through such a hard time with your cat 😦 Pumpkin is absolutely adorable and I too am a crazy cat lady: my kitty, Minnie, is now fourteen and takes medication for her joint problems that could affect her kidneys. I am really worried for her and I will keep both you and pumpkin in my thoughts.

    Also, while de-lurking I must say thanks for all of your running-related posts. Having dealt with a horrible IT band injury that basically brought me to rock bottom physically and mentally, your blog was one of the few that helped me to push through those tough times and ease back into running again.


    • Aww I hope Minnie stays healthy too! I’m so happy my blog was able to help you through the rough times you had! IT band issues are so frustrating and depressing.

  7. Poor Pumpkin! 😦 I wish I could get a cat for my apartment at school (the smallest studio apartment, ever!!!) but living on a grad school budget really wouldn’t allow me to have the money to pay for one. Hoping for the best for her!

  8. Poor thing! I hope everything goes well. I know Mon’s two cats do NOT appreciate trips to the vet. And let her know by passive aggressive behavior. Such as peeing on the floor… :p

  9. Thinkingo of you! I hope Pumpkin is ok!!

  10. Aw, I hope it turns out okay. For what it’s worth, plenty of cats have crummy kidneys – our cat, Spice, lived to a ripe old age with kidney problems. No harm in being a crazy cat lady. It’s no worse than being a crazy cat dude.

  11. Sorry to hear about your cat! That is tough to deal with, but I am sure she will be just fine! Don’t worry about the test procedure too much, I have a 7 month old puppy who had to have (what sounds like) the same “sampling” procedure done just yesterday…I was freaked out too, but they took her in the back for just 2-3 minutes and when they brought her back she seemed no worse for the wear…Stay positive, I know it’s hard, but the bright side is, if there is anything needing treatment, better to have caught it now! Good luck! 🙂

  12. Hey Kelly!
    I’ve read your blog for a while now and I’m not sure if I’ve commented before, but I felt compelled to now because I work at a vet hospital (UPenn) and I used to be a pet sitter!
    I’ve seen a lot of cats with kidney problems who live long happy lives. I watched this cat once who’s kidneys started to fail while I was sitting her. She has made a full recovery since, and I just have to mix medication in her food. Pumpkin will probably need medication but I’m sure she will be fine!
    Good luck with everything, I will be thinking of y’all!

  13. Awww she’s precious!!!! I have two cats and one is super tiny like her. My other cat is like my fur child. I got him when I was probably 14, making him almost 10. I refuse to think about what’s going to happen eventually.. I can’t imagine not having him!

  14. I’m thinking you’re off work today… the weather is absolutely horrible and if you’re a driver pretty much impossible! Hopefully the commute home wasn’t to bad last night…

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  15. I hope that your kitty is okay!! She is to tiny!! I hope that if you got snow like we did here, they let you stay home today! It’s gross out here!

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