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Feeling Rough

Well hello, is it really Monday already?  I didn’t post over the weekend at all because I didn’t really do anything.  It was too cold to go outside.  Yesterday was probably the most eventful day of the weekend, which explains why I woke up this morning cursing life and alcohol.  Should make for an exciting first training run this afternoon.

A lot of boyfriends/husbands were out of town this past weekend, so Friday night was declared girls night, complete with wine, pizza, sweat pants, and this board game.

Yes, it is as entertaining as it sounds.  The goal of the game is to collect pebbles for answering a Truth question, doing a Dare, or the Wild card.  Scandalous Truth questions such as “who is the cutest boy in the class”, and “what teacher do you have a crush on” were asked, clearly this game was meant for women in their late 20s.  It was a fun night though, and I think we all enjoyed ourselves.

Saturday, Dani and I participated in a Restaurant Week special at one of our favorite places, La Tasca.  It was all you can eat tapas for $20 each, and we definitely got our money’s worth out of it.  After running a few errands, it was home to the couch where I started working on a craft project, and we watched a lot of Glee episodes.  That couch was where I stayed for the rest of the night, and really the amount of Glee that was watched is absurd.  We did get a fire going, and of course had some wine, so it was another low-key weekend night.

Yesterday was really just about getting ready for the football games.  Some of our guy friends came over to watch the Packers/Bears game, so we prepared some snacks to have.


Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Chips and Homemade Guac

Loaded Cheese Fries


There were also homemade wings, but I was too lazy to get up and take a picture of them.  I managed to wrap up my weekend craft project just  before the boys arrived.

Wine bottle candle stick holders.  Now I just need to stock up on candles because we burnt those three down completely last night.  After the first game ended and the boys left, the wine just kept flowing, and before I knew it midnight had rolled around and the three of us were still chatting away.  Sometimes it’s really difficult to end a good session of girl talk.  I’m struggling a lot right now, so um we’ll see how this day goes.  I’ve heard from one roommate, who is also living in struggle city, the other has not made an appearance online yet, but I’m thinking she’s probably feeling the same also.  Oh Sunday funday, you get me every time.  I need a nap.



15 Responses

  1. Hahaha well at least you had fun right? 🙂

  2. We have a tapas bar called La Tasca by us, too! I’m not a huge sangria fan… but theirs is pretty awesome!

    And I sort of want that board game….

  3. I love playing age inappropriate games, lol

  4. That game sounds hilarious. And quite true.

    Feel better. Hangovers on Monday should be illegal. Monday is bad enough as it is.

  5. “what teacher do you have a crush on?”?? What kind of game is this? This is the problem with America. Board games that incite salacious behavior.

  6. Oh Sunday Funday, how I miss that. Though I don’t miss the feeling the next morning.. ouch.

  7. I love the wine bottle candle holder idea! I love Sunday Funday, but do NOT love waking up Monday feeling it.

  8. How fun! That game looks and sounds cute and I love the wine bottle/candlestick look – nice! the art over your mantle is very cool too!

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