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A Lot of Nothing

What day is it?  Wednesday?  I’m so confused, taking yesterday off really threw off my schedule.  Yesterday was one lazy day, I didn’t end up leaving the house at all.  The ice started to melt by mid-afternoon, but the thawing and falling from trees really made the outside world unappealing.  Instead I sat on the couch watching a Rachel Zoe Marathon, and then a marathon of Glee season 1 with the roommates.

The Flyers and the Caps played each other last night, so it was an interesting night in our household.  Dani actually went out with a friend to watch the game, and Adrienne and I kept ourselves distracted with this website, so luckily tensions weren’t too high.  The Flyers pulled off the victory in OT, so it was a win for Philly.

I just got out of my two-hour long monthly staff meeting, where my stomach growled the entire time, so that was fun.  No food allowed in the auditorium, and apparently the orange I stuffed in my face two seconds before it started just wasn’t cutting it.  Is it lunch time yet?

So, training for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler should start next week, I guess I should get on making a training plan, huh?  Or does anyone just want to send me a good one?  Guarantee I just end up using  my half marathon plan, and tweaking it a bit.  Sounds like a good plan to me.  I’m still debating whether or not to register for Broad Street.  My sister’s college graduation is the following weekend, and I don’t know if I feel like making the trek home two weekends in a row.  Or if I feel like running races in two consecutive months.  Decisions, decisions.

In other news, it looks like we may be in for more wintry weather Thursday night into Friday.  Probably just enough to be a pain in the ass though, not enough to keep me home on the couch.  Hey at least if training starts next week, that means April is only 11 weeks away!  Silver lining?  At least I get a mini vacation in 7 weeks, even if it is to the arctic tundra of the mid-west.

17 Responses

  1. I’m gonna run Broad Street this year! Only $36 to register until April haha…I understand if you don’t wanna drive two weekends in a row but I mean, I’ll be there so that obviously adds appeal 🙂

  2. Staff meetings are the worst. Mostly because of all the things I’m reminded I need to do, just don’t want to because they suck…

  3. One great thing about my job is that no one gives a crap and we never have meetings. 🙂

    Also, April is coming too damn soon. In 11.5 weeks Im going to be 26. Thats mid/late twenties. I want to cry.

  4. just started reading your blog and i love it! just to let you know, as of this morning there were only 2000 more spots available for broad street! i can’t believe it is filling up quickly.

  5. This week has seemed off to me too. I think a ten-miler sounds really fun. Maybe I’ll run it next year!

    I can’t believe my half is already like 8 weeks away. Then it will be the end of March. I can’t wait!

  6. I just went to register for broad street –completely forgot about it!–but its ALREADY FULL!!! after only 4 days! I’m super bummed….

  7. I like Hal Higdon’s plans although I don’t know if he has one for a 10 mile race.

  8. I admire how you keep it up! I haven’t recovered from my fear after the last half marathon and my plantar fasciitis flare up. I’m doing the Warrior Dash in April in beautiful AZ and I can’t even bring myself to get on a treadmill!

  9. I hate it when I’m starving at work and there’s no way to get something to eat for a while. It sucks. Good luck on your training for the 10 miler.

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