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Working From Home

Last night a pretty serious ice storm rolled through our area.  When I left the gym at 6:30 it was already sleeting, and the streets and sidewalks were an ice skating rink by 8 pm.  I was holding out hopes for a snow day today, and was rewarded with a delayed 2 hour opening.  It’s still pretty slick and icy out, so I opted to work from home today.  I’m currently sitting on my couch with my MacBook and work computer open, haha, multi-tasking at its best.


ice on the front porch

rocks in the front yard

slippery front walk

Trying to get the door open to grab my computer was fun



Not fun at all, if you are out there driving around in this, be careful!  Prior to our ice storm, I got in a pretty good workout at the gym.  I did about 2.7 miles in 25 minutes, and then hung out on the elliptical for another 25 minutes, all followed up with my favorite ab move ever.  You lay on your back holding a 10 lb medicine ball (of whatever weight you prefer) and then raise your arms and legs at the same time, meeting together in the middle.  Not only does it work your ab muscles, but your arms as well.

Dinner was a frozen PF Changs Orange Chicken meal that I added some frozen corn and spaghetti to, in order to make it a little more substantial.

Not too bad for a frozen meal.  Assuming the ice starts to melt this afternoon, I plan on heading over to the gym a little later, and then the Flyers play the Caps tonight, so I think Adrienne and I are going to watch together.  Alright, peace out friends.

17 Responses

  1. Oh man, it’s nuts out there! My roommate and I had to drive across the street to the metro because we seriously couldn’t walk and deicing her car was a nightmare! Lucky you working from home today :).

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  2. Enjoy your day working at home. Ice storms suck though. Not nearly as fun as snow!

  3. Lucky!

    What I wouldn’t give for a snow day…

    Well be careful if you end up venturing out. I hear we’re going to be dealing with black ice later, so um… super excited…

  4. Smart move, I wish I had the option to work from home. Being in education…that doesn’t really work haha.

  5. I would love to work from home. Or just stay home in general.

  6. Yikes! That does look SUPER icy!

  7. I tried one of the PF Changs meals but really didn’t like it. Maybe it was just the kind I tried?

  8. I love working from home, but hate ice like that. Hopefully things clear up soon!

  9. Yeah, my car/sidewalk/driveway looked pretty similar this morning. I know this because I was out there like a chump shoveling it. Wahh.

  10. I had three snow days last week. It kind of sucked though because I didn’t get paid.

  11. We don’t get snow around here (usually), we get ice storms. So I can relate. Those things are NASTY.

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