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I’m a Red Head Now

Last night as I was waiting for my prescription to be refilled, I made the poor decision to wander down the hair dye aisle of the pharmacy.  I haven’t had my hair colored since November of 2009, and the remnants of my blonde highlights hanging out at the bottom of my hair had really started to look orange and coppery.  I was not a fan.  After a quick decision, I headed home with a box of Auburn hair color.  I got a little nervous when the dye immediately turned purple after mixing it together, but overall I think I am a fan of my new “red” hair.

I’ll try to get some better pictures as the weekend progresses.  After taking my hair into my own hands, the rest of Friday night was very, very relaxed.  It involved wine and McDonalds, yup and it was delicious.  This morning I headed over to the gym around 9:30 to get a work out in.  I actually had a really good run and did about 3.8 miles in 35 minutes followed by 15 minutes on the elliptical.

I’d been dreaming about Wunder Unders for a while now, so after the gym I decided to head over to lululemon to scoop up a pair.  When I walked in the door and immediately saw the amazing Savasana Wraps laying on a table, I knew I’d be going home with one of those also.  I went a little crazy, and bought way to much stuff, so now I need to stay away for months, but I’m pretty happy with my purchases.

Modern Racer Tank, Cool Racerback, Savasana Wrap, Wunder Unders, Fast in Flight Tote.  I don’t want to put real clothes on today, can’t I just live in my new lululemon purchases?  Please?  Unfortunately I don’t think stretchy pants and hoodies are going to be completely acceptable for the day since Adrienne are going to head into DC to watch some football.  Maybe I can get away with leggings.

Have a great Saturday!

15 Responses

  1. Love the hair!

    Lululemon will kill me when I move there. Seriously. I might as well just hand them my paychecks.

  2. Wine and McDonalds- how gourmet! ha ha

    I haven’t had fast food in way too long. Getting serious Sonic cravings now…

  3. Love the hair! It looks so good.

    I’m fortunate enough to live 45 minutes away from Lululemon. I also don’t know how to get there. Going in there is dangerous.

  4. Wine + Mcdonald’s?! I’m so jealous – fabulous!

    The hair looks great!

    I’ve never been to luluemon…. I know! I have friends who swear it by it – there’s one by my office… I need to go!

  5. Love your hair! I have wanted to go auburn for a while but I always chicken out since I’m a natural blonde…If you don’t mind me asking, what dye/box did you use?

  6. Love the red! So impressed you did that yourself!

  7. […] I’m a Red Head Now […]

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