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Roommate Night

So last night, was a good night.  Thanks for all the nice comments again yesterday, you guys are the best and really helped cheer me up.  I got home from work, just as the freezing rain/snow was starting to fall and found the roommates doing something with a chicken.  The sink was running full pressure, and an entire chicken was sitting in a pot under it.  I ignored the scene for a minute while I poured myself a vodka drink, and then inquired as to what the hell was going on.  Apparently that chicken (our dinner) was still frozen and they were trying to remedy the situation.  I offered to get my blow dryer, since it’s pretty effective in defrosting poultry but they said they had it under control.  Fine with me, as I was more than happy to recline on the couch with my drink in front of the fire.

I drank a lot of vodka, and then a lot of wine, and the three of us enjoyed a dinner of mashed potatoes, roasted chicken, and broccoli.  Yes, I do have a headache today and sadly we didn’t get enough snow to keep me home.  But it sure did look pretty when I was driving in this morning.

Yes, I am taking pictures while driving.  I’m a risk taker like that.  In other news, look what arrived on my front porch last night just in time for the snow!

Love them, they are comfy and keep my feet toasty warm and dry.  Because of last nights snow, Dani’s friend Emily came and crashed at our house after work instead of driving back home to Maryland.  This is exciting because of where she works and what she brought us.

A whole box full of delicious Georgetown Cupcakes.  I may or may not have eaten a Red Velvet one for breakfast.  Thanks Emily!  So it’s Wednesday already, huh?  Good, I’m more than ready for the weekend to be here.  So unless you live in Florida, I hear it snowed where you are last night.  How much did everyone get?

25 Responses

  1. Three inches. Hardly felt it. What she said.

  2. We got about 5 inches on Sunday night. I haven’t been able to leave my house since. Georgia is not prepared for snow.

  3. OMG I love Georgetown Cupcake like I love sunshine in the summertime! I am so jealous of you!!!

  4. The snow here is deeper than my car. My boss emailed me a told me to stay home. Which is a good thing because I must have drank more wine last night than I thought. My head is killing me.

  5. Shoveled and done. Wish I had cupcakes. Invite Emily up to NJ, okay?

  6. Wednesday already? I feel like this week is draaaaagging.

    And I’m 1 cup of green tea and 2 cups of coffee in, btw. My sleeping schedule is wrecked. Toss and turn all night, exhausted all day at work, random surge of energy in the evening, repeat. I blame the weather.

  7. We have about four inches on the ground right now in Altoona. Sighhhh.

    I want one of those cupcakes.

  8. I got about 16 inches. The snow came to my knees and I just spent 90 minutes shoveling out my car. FUN.

  9. re: defrosting the chicken: I usually get a big bowl, put cool (yes, COOL not hot or warm) water and let it soak. Saw it on food network, and it really works.

    re: vodka on a tuesday: nice.

  10. Haha I love that you got your drink first and then inquired about the chicken. Totally would have done the same.

    We actually didn’t get any snow. We got maybe 1/2 an inch on Monday, then nothin, just 10 degree weather. Lame.

  11. No snow but it was 23 degrees…that is unheard of in Texas!! Traffic this morning was a nightmare. Our cars aren’t equipped to handle this (read: no one had enough antifreeze) and there were stalls everywhere!! We Texans don’t do well with this kind of weather. Thankfully we are supposed to be back to the 60’s byt this weekend! Whew.

  12. ooooh those cupcakes look awesome! Too bad you had to go in boo – and total – I take pictures whilst driving too

  13. Those cupcakes look glorious!

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