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Rookie Mistake

Well I made it to the gym last night, and just as I expected I’ve lost a significant amount of endurance.  Also, imagine my disappointment when I went to turn my iPod on and it was completely dead.  Luckily, the LA Fitness down here is brand new and has those fancy treadmills that you can hook your iPod up to, and I was still able to listen to some music.  I managed to pull out a 3 mile run at about 9:30 pace and then 20 minutes on the elliptical for a nice 50 minute cardio session.  I’m somewhat annoyed at myself for letting all the work I did for my half slip away, but at least I have three months to get it back.

After the gym I made the rookie mistake of going grocery shopping, after not eating since lunch and starving for dinner.  Let’s just say my bill was a little higher than normal, and I have no idea what some of my random purchases were about.  Also, I looked ridiculous in my dress coat, running shorts and tank top.  No wonder I got some strange looks.

Yes, I am in the Macaroni and Cheese aisle.  What I told you I was hungry and made some random purchases, like bunny shaped macaroni.  After an hour of meandering up and down aisles, I finally made it out of the grocery store and got home only to have every single bag rip as I was taking them out of my car.  Let’s just say there was some cursing, and the jumbo pack of toilet paper may have gotten dropped kicked up to the front porch.

I finally settled down with some dinner and wine just in time for The Craigslist Killer to start on Lifetime.  Don’t judge me, I’d been looking forward to it for a while.  Honestly, it was a little disappointing.  Although I’ll probably have even more trust issues with men now, because it was still pretty creepy.  Next one I’m looking forward to is about Amanda Knox and the murder in Italy.  Yes I’m a geek, and I don’t care.

The plan is to head to the gym again after work today, so hopefully I make it there.  As long as traffic is relatively light I think I’ll be able to convince myself, although it is Tuesday so anything could happen.  Catch ya later!

27 Responses

  1. Haha, I’ve been rocking that look a lot lately too. Super sexy. Nothing wrong with bunny shaped mac and cheese either. Sounds great to me.

  2. Grocery shopping while hungry is bad news. I always wind up spending my entire paycheck. Its ridiculous.

  3. I sort of giggle at your lifetime movie selections. It’s like that’s how you get your current events… 2 years later. :p

    50 minutes is nothing to scoff at! I’m definitely not in the shape I was in for my half last summer… but hey… that’s what training is for, right?

    • I enjoy living in a bubble with the news being lifetime, so what. Haha. Yeah, I need to pre-train for training because I am not in shape at all right now.

  4. Lol…I purchased bunny mac & cheese four years ago, and it seriously took me THREE years to finally eat it.

  5. Ha, I would’ve dropkicked the toilet paper too, wtf…that was some bad bagging if all of them broke!

  6. Yeah hungry grocery shopping is not good for your health or your wallet. I did it once and my pantry is still overflowing with crap I’ll never cook.

  7. I try not to go grocery shopping when I’m hungry..unless by bf is paying. LOL.

  8. I go to the store in that kind of outfit all the time.. I find it kind of funny the looks I get haha
    I can’t wait to see that movie! And nothing wrong with some Lifetime lovin 🙂

  9. 50 minutes of cardio is awesome! And bunny mac and cheese sounds perfect! 🙂

  10. Ha! That’s exactly what I did on Monday. I had the day off and I worked out and then made the mistake of going to Whole Foods and Native Sun (local health food store) while starving and ended up spending a riduculous amount while wearing my workout clothing.

  11. Shopping while hungry is the worst! I always do it though and I always spend way too much money on food I don’t need.
    I also like shows like that. But then I wonder why I get so freaked out about being home alone sometimes. Ahh well 🙂

  12. My LA Fitness is nowhere near as nice! They definitely do not have those sort of treadmills. I need to move.

  13. No worries, I always buy on impulse when I’m grocery shopping hungry! Don’t you just love the odd looks people give you from that very fashionable attire?! I have been wanting to watch that but never find the time, thanks for the review!

  14. I’m sorry that all your grocery bags broke.. so frustrating!! At least you had some wine to enjoy once you got home!

  15. So… not sure I have ever commented, but I have read for a while! Anyway, I am wearing that SAME scarf in your picture. I snagged it at Saks a couple years ago for like $85. Best burberry deal ever.

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