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Happy Four Hours?

  • Sometimes it’s ok if happy hour lasts for four and a half hours, until 11 at night.
  • Sometimes it’s ok to consider the lemon and orange slices that come with your beer dinner.
  • Sometimes it’s ok to not look for free street parking and pay $6 for a garage.
  • Sometimes it’s ok to let your roommates convince you to do shots on Wednesday.
  • Sometimes it’s ok to completely put off packing until you wake up in the morning for work.
  • Sometimes it’s ok to show up at work with the stamp from the bar still on your hand.
  • Sometimes it’s ok to have pizza in your purse.
  • Sometimes it’s ok to finish your coffee before you even get to work, stop at Starbucks, and buy another one.
  • Sometimes it’s ok if the only workout you’ve gotten all week is from walking from bar to bar in  your 3-inch heels.
  • Sometimes it’s ok that those shoes gave you the nastiest blister ever.
  • And if you had a day like mine yesterday, sometimes it’s ok if all these things happen on the same night.

After sitting in my car for two hours before even getting to happy hour yesterday, I was more than ready for a drink.  I texted the roommates as I was parking to order me a beer and have it waiting for me.  They had been at the bar since 4, so by 6:30 when I arrived they were well on their way.  Things progressed pretty normally, until 9 when happy hour ended at one bar and the executive decision was made to move on to another.  I probably should have just gone home at that point, but hey I give in to peer pressure.  I finally made it home, and fell into bed without packing a single thing sometime after 11.  7 am came way too early this morning, but you know what it was fun, and worth it and I can totally suck it up and feel like crap for a few hours today.

Things I’ve already realized I forgot to pack in my mad dash this morning?  Toothbrush, razor, any kind of snow appropriate shoes or jacket, and I’m sure there will be more.  Oooooh well.  I’m really counting on getting out of here by 1 pm and getting a jump on the traffic.  A car exploded on the highway yesterday, which is why I spent two hours in my car sitting in traffic, so I’m hoping to avoid anything like that again.

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!



11 Responses

  1. You answered my question in this post. :p

    I’m sure I forgot to pack something, too. Can’t wait until I’m home, in the middle of nowhere, to see what it is…

  2. Haha well, at least now you have an excuse to buy some new shoes and a jacket. 🙂

  3. For some reason I’m finding the pizza in the purse part hysterical.

    Keep milk thistle on hand. It’s saved me far too many times to count. (Coconut water helps too!)

  4. LOL. Yes sometimes it’s okay. But how did you get a pizza in your purse? LOL

  5. Been there. Only I had sweet potato fries in my purse.

  6. hahah despite all the ridiculous things in this post, I think my favorite is that it is in bullet form…clearly an indication of how you’re feeling today. See youu when you get home!

  7. I would like to know more about the pizza in your purse.

  8. Sometimes nights like that are WELL worth it and more than deserved.
    Also, i’d like to know more about the pizza in your purse as well 🙂
    Love ya girl! Sending happy thoughts your way!

  9. Traffic has been a nightmare everywhere! I hope that you are having a great trip!! Happy New Year!!

  10. Haha, yes all of those things are definitely okay. More than okay really. That’s the way life should be, not cookie cutter perfect all the time 🙂

  11. Haha nice night. Packing while hungover I once only took a pair of jeans, a shirt and a random book. When I got home I was so confused. Happy holidays!

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