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Survey Says!

The other day I was tagged by Shelby for one of those fun survey things, and since I have nothing else to really tell you about today, besides the fact that I watched Beauty and the Beast last night, here goes!

1. Vacation: beach or mountains? Beach.  I am not a mountains girl, I am a lay on a lounge chair with a drink in my hand type of girl.  Well wait, unless the mountains vacation was in a giant cabin, with a hot tub.  Then I could probably get behind that.

2. Luggage: check it or carry it on? Check it.  I am far too indecisive to pack for a trip in a carry on size suitcase.  Plus I have a lot of shoes.

3. Bed: make it or leave it a rumpled comfy mess? If people are going to see my room I’ll make the bed.  If not, rumpled comfy mess.

4. Races: smaller or bigger? Hmm not sure I’ve run enough of them to really form an opinion about this.

5. Toilet paper roll: over or under? Over?  I don’t think I really care.

6. Pancakes: thick and fluffy or thin and crepe-like? Thick and fluffy, definitely.

7. Alarm: get up or hit snooze? Get up.  If I hit snooze I’ll be sound asleep in seconds and then running late.

I think now I’m supposed to tag 7 people and make up questions for them to answer, but I’m too lazy to do both so I’m just going to tag some of you and just answer these 7 questions.  Amy, Leah, Kace, Kacy, Hope, Katie, and Meghan.  Have fun ladies!

So yeah, last night, the roommates and I enjoyed a roommate dinner, watched Beauty and the Beast, laughed about our ridiculous antics from Saturday night, and may have started formulating Halloween costume ideas for next year.  It was pretty great.  Last Thursday night when it was snowing, we were desperately searching the On Demand for a movie to watch and thought we’d come across Beauty and the Beast, got so excited, hit play, and it was some weird movie, definitely not what we were hoping for.  Talk about a let down, so we were pretty excited when we saw it was on last night while flipping through the guide.  It was fate.  And then three 25 year-old women watched a Disney movie, and sang a long to every song.  Because obviously there was also wine involved.  Three bottles to be precise.  We like our wine.

I just got out of a two-hour staff meeting, during which I was both starving and dying of thirst, so basically it was torture.  At least now it’s almost lunch time!  Happy Tuesday, only two days left to get through!


7 Responses

  1. Haha! I watched Beauty and the Beast too! Love that movie!

    Thanks for tagging me in the survey! 🙂

  2. I love these surveys. 🙂

    Is it weird that I have a big issue with toilet paper being hung upside down? It really irritates me, and I always fix it.

  3. Thanks for the tag. :p

    And I have no issues watching Disney movies. I can proudly say my roommates and I all went out and watched Enchanted in the theaters on a Saturday night. Then I bought it on dvd the week it came out. There’s no chance I’m growing up any time soon… 🙂

  4. I love beauty and the beast! Sounds like a fun night 🙂

    I think that survey sounds like a great way to spend this slow afternoon at work, haha.

  5. […] Kelly just tagged me with this survey, and I’m in too much of the Christmas spirit to do anything more productive than respond to […]

  6. If you’re going to watch a Disney movie, it might as well be “Beauty and the Beast” — That’s my fave!

  7. Thanks for the tag!!! I’ll do it later : )

    And Beauty and the Beast may be on my Christmas list, as a Disney movie always is. LOVE them. But I think this was my favorite; I always identified with Belle.

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