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Stressful Morning

Well, I am officially a disaster today, and it’s only 9:15.  I remembered on my way out to my car  this morning that I never got gas last night when the light came on.  “No biggie,” I thought, “I’ll just grab some when I get to work, I have enough to get there.”  I know what you’re thinking, hahaha famous last words.  Yup, the universe decided to play a joke on me today.  As I’m cruising along, at 6:30 in the morning mind you, I take my exit to get on 395 to head to the GWP and almost immediately am slamming on my breaks to come to a complete standstill.  Then I did not move for almost five minutes.  I only need to be on 395 for about 2 miles before my exit comes up, and it took me 45 minutes to get that far.  Meanwhile I’m watching my gas gauge get lower and lower as I sit there in traffic.

There was an accident on the 14th Street Bridge going into DC that had traffic backed up in a 90 minute delay.  I wanted to cry, because I also still needed to go to the gym and shower, and make it to a gas station!  When I finally made it to the GWP traffic eased up and I was able to make it the rest of the way without any problems.  I pulled into a gas station with my display reading that I had 12 miles left in the gas tank, haha.  By the time I got into the gym, I had about 20 minutes to work with before I absolutely needed to be in the shower.  A quick strength workout it was.

I couldn’t even really tell you exactly what i did, it was that crazy and rushed.  I know there was some bicep and tricep work, some single leg lunges, lat pull-downs, the inner and outer thigh machine things, abs, and reverse crunches.  Not too bad for the time I had to work with I don’t think.  Oh and the craziness doesn’t end there.  I finally get to work, and go to drive into the parking garage and realize I forgot my security badge and can’t get in. Haha, nothing like a hectic morning to start your day.

Last night was less hectic, I went food shopping after work and made some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.  With a hand mixer.  It was not easy.  They turned out pretty good, but definitely not my best batch.  Then it was time for the Glee Christmas episode, I think this was my favorite line.  “He went to go take a long poop, and when he came back it was there.”  Favorite performance was Baby it’s Cold Outside, by a lot.  So cute.

And now, because this video cracked me up last night and it’s so freaking adorable, I will share.

Have a great day!


25 Responses

  1. haaaaa! That is hysterical. My friends have those life vests for their dogs and they look so cute in them. When they’re ready to get back on the boat, they just swim to the side and wait to be lifted up.

  2. Ahhh yes.. The 395 to GDub commute 🙂 that was my every day and that damn 14th St bridge is going to play sick jokes on you all the time… I miss Arlington!!! 🙂

  3. Haha that’s happened to me before. One time I filled up when I had only 1/2 a litre of gas left in my tank. It was scary!

  4. Ahhh, that video makes me wish it were summer!!!

    Traffic stress is the worst. Ugh.

  5. Crazy morning! I hate stressful mornings like that. I hope your day gets better! 🙂

    I liked Glee last night too! Crazy story..Mike’s mom is friends with the guy who invited that rewalk that Artie used last night! How crazy is that?!

  6. Eeewww… sorry about the traffic issues.

    I like to play “will I make it home today on what’s left?” often. It’s a game.

    A game I often lose.

  7. I’m glad your texting while driving escapades ended without a ticket. That sucks about traffic, though – it sounds like your commute is finicky.

    I really, really like the video. Even though I think Corgis are weird looking.

  8. Where did you find that video? It is awesome

  9. Cute video! And don’t you hate mornings like that? I don’t play with my gas haha

  10. Oh man, what a way to start your day! I remember being on a mini roadtrip with my friend’s family one time (on the highway, no less) and realizing that we were in desperate need of gas. I’m pretty sure we were running on fumes by the time we found a gas station. Good times 🙂

  11. Sorry about the hectic morning, but major props to you for still getting a workout it. I probably would have just curled up in the fetal position and cried for 20 minutes.

    Hope the rest of your day was better!! At least you have happy hour right?

  12. I hate when I have issues with the gas in my car, it is always the worst! Hope your day is getting better.

  13. Jason and I like the long poop line too!

  14. My favorite line–and current fb status– “Can I be honest? I don’t understand the difference between an elf and a slave. Just remember, you have rights.”

  15. I hope tomorrow morning goes much smoother for you! I loved the corgi video and definitely laughed out loud.

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