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Well It Definitely Feels Like Christmas

Maybe this is corny, but there is one part of my drive home that I look forward to every night.  As your drive South along the George Washington Parkway, the Potomac River is on your left, and the majority of the highway is dark and shaded by trees.  However, at one point you come around a bend, and all of DC is lit up before you.  The Washington Monument towers over the trees, the dome of the Capitol building can be seen in the distance, and gorgeous Georgetown University is lit up on your left.  Every night so far on my way home, this single moment has brought a huge smile to my face and made me so happy to live here.  No matter how much traffic I’ve sat in prior to that point, that view makes me forget about it. 🙂

Since I bailed on my workout yesterday morning, I had to drag myself to the gym after work, and it wasn’t nearly as awful as I anticipated.  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical (the one with the arm things too), and then ran a quick 1.7 miles in 15 minutes.  Both felt fantastic, and I could have definitely run more but I wanted to save some energy for this morning.  This morning I did 3.5 miles in a little over 32 minutes I think?  I’m not sure because it’s one of those dumb cardio machines that shuts off at 30 minutes, but that sounds about right.  Then I had to haul ass across the street for my New Hire Orientation from 9-1.  Fun stuff.  Finally at my desk for the first time today!

So, time for some fun stuff!  As I said the other day, Saturday the roommates and I spent four hours running errands, so obviously I have a few new favorite things to show you!

Stocking from Pottery Barn and stocking holder from Home Depot

candles currently sitting in front of our unusable fireplace

tree candle from Pottery Barn

We have a thing for candles in this house.  At any given time, there are at least five lit.  One day we’re definitely going to burn the house down, or the cat is going to light herself on fire (happened before).  One or the other.

Now, if I could just take a minute to complain.  Last week the chimney sweep was supposed to come clean our fire place so we could use it.  He never showed.  Yesterday, Comcast was supposed to come install my cable in my room.  They never showed.  What is it with these places completely bailing on us and our service needs?!? Not cool, especially you Comcast, especially you.  We’ll see if the chimney sweep shows up on Saturday like he is supposed to, and Comcast you should redeem yourselves ASAP.

It’s definitely starting to feel like winter down here.  This morning, with the wind chill, it felt like 16 degrees.  So cold, and apparently this trend is going to continue for the next few days.  If only we had a working fireplace, sigh.  Enjoy your Tuesday!


9 Responses

  1. I love candles too! I have them throughout my entire house and I always have at least two or three lit. 🙂

    I totally hear you on Comcast! There are always issues with them. I hope the issues with Comcast and the chimney get resolved soon!

  2. Argh – why are companies so flakey these days? If it helps, it seems every single person I deal with at work ignores my emails. I know theyre going through, they just flat out dont reply. Its annoying because I HATE phoning people.

  3. Ugh– waiting on service people is the worst.

    Love the stocking!

  4. Comcast can suck a big one. I’m THIS CLOSE to switching to U-Verse.

    But moving on…

    I know it’s corny, but true. I have the moments where I’m driving into the city and can see the skyline with the sears tower (yeah I still call it that) and the hancock building and I’m just happy to be where I am. 🙂 Insert “awwwwwww” here.

  5. I with you on the skyline; especially at night. I love skylines at night—i have no frigging clue why. For some reason they remind me of being in London? figure that one out?? But yeah…. even if it’s just Philly, it gives me the warm fuzzies inside.

  6. It’s so cold here! What’s up with that? The view on your drive sounds beautiful. If I wasn’t stuck in that dang class maybe I could go explore and see it, haha.

    I LOVE candles. They just make everything seem more cozy.

  7. Sounds like you are really enjoying your new city.

    It’s cold here in Atlanta too. I think it was 23 degrees when I left for work this morning. Brrrr.

  8. OMG my cat set himself on fire too! He’s super fluffly and his tail caught a flame one time. It scared the crap out of me!

  9. GET FIOS. It will change your life.

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