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I Made It!

Well I officially live in Virginia now!  Pumpkin and I hit the road yesterday morning around 9 am, and three hours later (after a minor incident with someone having an accident in their crate) I was parking in front of my new house.  My roommates were waiting with open arms, and ready to help me unload my car.  Luckily all my beautiful furniture arrived without a problem and was ready and all set up in my room when I arrived.

We made quick progress of the unpacking, and before I knew it my bed was made and the clothes were hung up in my closet, and the three of us were running out the front door to head to Target.  Yup, I was in my house for approximately two hours before our first Target trip was necessary.  We picked up a million Christmas decorations so that we could immediately start decorating together, and our little tree is now complete.

Pumpkin is slowly settling in and getting used to our new surroundings, although she still follows me every time I leave a room, I think she’ll get used to it soon though.  To celebrate my first night in our new house, the three of us stayed home enjoying some adult beverages and playing in the house together.


roommates take 1

take 2!


I am so incredibly happy and excited to finally live here in VA with my best friends, but I will really miss all the great Philly friends I made and of course my mom and sister.  It’s weird sitting here and realizing I don’t have to make a three-hour trip home later because I am home!  My first day of work is tomorrow and I am very nervous about that, haha, I hope they still like me.

I just made my grocery list for the week and plan to head to the store with Adrienne in a little bit, we’ll see how my first attempt at meal planning for myself for the week goes.  Happy Sunday!

9 Responses

  1. What a great way to close out the holiday. New places are always fun– esp when you’re done with all the unpacking BS and you can enjoy yourself. Congrats!

  2. Love the tree! So glad that you made it to VA safely and you are all unpacked! Enjoy yourself and good luck tomorrow! You will do great! 🙂

  3. I’m glad everything went so smoothly!

    And I am betting you’ll be at Target at least 2 more times this week. Because it’s not an official move without that many trips to Target. Promise you…

  4. Wow, you make moving sound so easy!
    Glad you made it ok! Have fun at work tomorrow. 🙂

  5. Welcome to Arlington!

  6. Good luck this week, looks like you guys are already having fun!

  7. Welcome to your new house!!!

  8. Yay – how exciting to move and man you unpack quick! 🙂 Best of luck meal planning – good times – hope you have a good first week in your new casa!

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