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One Week

By this time next week, I will hopefully have finished my first half marathon, and will be well on my way to celebrating with friends and family.  Not only is November 21 the day of my first half, but it is also my sister’s 22nd birthday so we’re planning to make it a pretty fun day.  My last long run was yesterday morning, so I’m officially in taper mode now.

Originally, my training plan called for an 11 mile long run the weekend before the half, but I decided not to risk that long of a run with one week to go and my IT Band acting up occasionally.  So yesterday, I set out with the goal of doing 7-8 miles.  It was absolutely gorgeous out yesterday, sunny, and unseasonably warm.  Unfortunately, my Garmin started beeping about a low battery the second I turned it on, so I just hoped it would work for my whole run.

If you had told me a year, or even six months ago, that I’d be capable of running 7 miles with a sub 9 minute pace, I would have laughed in your face and called you crazy.  Now, those splits are somewhat deceiving because they imply that I felt great during the run.  The opposite is actually true, my shoulders were tight and sore, my right Achilles tendon felt tight, and my toes kept falling asleep.  During mile 4, I actually stopped and stood still for a few minutes trying to decide if I wanted to keep going, hence the 9:19 split.  Clearly I decided to continue the run, and I think feeling shitty made me run faster because I just wanted it over with, haha.  When I glanced down at my watch during the last mile home, I was shocked to see it in the 7 minute range and not feel like I was in an all out sprint. So I think I’m ready for next weekend, but I guess we’ll find out.

After my run, I quickly showered and put on some clean clothes to get ready to spend some more money.  With bedroom furniture purchased, the next big thing on the agenda was a mattress.  I drug my mom along with me for her mattress purchasing expertise, and we went over to Sleepy’s.  Mattresses are freaking expensive!  After trying out a few different ones, I ended up with a Sealy Cushion Top, and it should be getting delivered at some point this morning to my new house, well assuming my roommates are there to let them in ;).

Aided with the caffeine from a Gingerbread Latte, I finally started packing yesterday.  I fit almost all of my clothes, minus what I think I’ll need in the next two weeks, into my two large Vera Bradley suitcases and wrapped my picture frames in sweats so now they’re ready to go in a box.  I’m hoping to get a little more packing done today, but I’m pretty sure the majority of it will get done next week when I’m no longer working.

Well, have a great Sunday, I need to find something to do today, I’m already bored.  Haha.

13 days…

11 Responses

  1. You will rock the half marathon!

  2. Let us please talk about how speedy you’re getting! Nice work!!!

  3. Holy speed demon!! Awesome job on the run!

  4. Looks good! lolz to the Vera Bradley suitcases. That’s a lot of pretty prints.

  5. Hey hey neighbor—for a little longer, anyway…. : ( ok first great job on the run and good luck! Second… I’m baaackkk! haha, couldnt stay away too long. Check out the new site; it’s still very much a work in progress (much like myself!) but I’m hoping to have fun with it!

  6. You’re so speedy! My next goal after this half is to work on my speed. I hate running fast, haha.

    You’ll do great on the half, you’ve been super dedicated to your training.

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