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Movie Night

Yesterday after work, my momma and I hit up the 5:20 showing of Morning Glory, you know to beat the enormous crowds of teeny boppers common on a Friday night.  Now, as a former Media Arts and Design major who spend a semester taking a class in a TV studio, I may be biased, but I really really loved the movie.  Rachel McAdams was beautiful and funny, and the movie had both my mom and myself laughing out loud.  I recommend it, and not just to my fellow SMAD majors, but everyone.

After the movie, we went over to Red Robin (my fav) for dinner.  I got my usual Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wrap and a Sam Adams Octoberfest, and my mom had chicken tenders and fries.  We stopped at the wine store on the way home, and then relaxed on the couch with a few glasses before calling it a night.

I’m currently getting ready for my last long run before the half marathon next weekend.  I’m thinking about doing 7-8 miles, nothing crazy.  I feel trained, and no reason to push it now and risk hurting myself.  After my run, I have plans to go out and find a mattress to have delivered to my new place, and then FINALLY start to pack.  Ugh!

Alright, I’m off! Happy Saturday!


8 Responses

  1. I hope you had a good long run!

    And is it weird that I’m not the biggest Rachel McAdams fan because she reminds me of an old roommate that I’m not particularly fond of? Is that a weird reason?

    She really ruined how much I used to love The Notebook… lame.

  2. Ha we already decided to get Red Robin takeout for dinner, the whiskey wrap is my favorite too! Another eerie coincidence…

  3. Im glad you liked the movie, Im going to see it tonight and the paper gave it a crappy review. Not like I took it too seriously since Im going ANYWAY! 🙂

  4. I love Red Robin too! Glad you liked the movie.

  5. I love the Whiskey River BBQ burger! Did you know you can sub lettuce for the bun on any of their sandwiches? It’s a bit of lettuce overload, as they still add lettuce like they would on a regular burger, but it’s better than the bun!

  6. I’ve heard some REALLY good things about this movie! I’ll have to check it out!

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