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Shopping is my Cardio

One of the best parts about my moving to a new city for a new job is that I get to buy all new bedroom furniture and other household items!  Just like I have an obsession with someday owning a bulldog and dressing it in a JMU football jersey,

not mine, but someday!

I would really like to live inside a Pottery Barn catalog.  After my big purchase last night, my new room will at least feel like Pottery Barn.  I maxed out my credit card and splurged on a new bed, dresser, and bedside table.


New Bed!
Bedside Table


I’ve been obsessing over this bedroom set since the first time I saw it in a Pottery Barn catalog years and years ago.  I figured, if I’m going to have to buy furniture, why not invest in some really good pieces that will last.  So that’s what I did.  I think it’s safe to say that in 20 years when my children need bedroom furniture, they will inherit this set.  That or I will use it until I die, hell maybe I’ll even ask to be buried with it.

Unfortunately for my bank account and credit cards, the mall I went to last night also has an Anthropologie and White House/Black Market.  I couldn’t very well leave without at least stopping in, and I ended up with a few new things.  I saw this dress in Anthropologie and immediately thought that it would be perfect to dress up for Christmas Eve with some heels, and dress down with my gray boots and chunky black sweater for work.

This shirt was almost 50% off at White/Black and will also be good for holiday parties and going out this winter.  Kind of hard to tell from the picture, but it comes up high around the neck, buttons, and then has a keyhole opening in the center.  It also ties in a bow on the one side at the bottom.

Last winter, after a night out on the town in NYC with boyfriend, I lost one of my favorite black hoop earings from White/Black.  Accessories were on sale last night so I picked up these dangly ones to replace them.

It was a very successful night of shopping, and after we were finished (my mom met me at the mall) we grabbed a nice dinner at PF Changs while waiting out rush hour traffic.  We made it just in time to have one drink at happy hour price, and order some apps of the happy hour menu.  Then we split the Chang’s Spicy Chicken and rice.  I think my mom is really going to miss me after I move, so she is trying to squeeze in all the quality time she can get.

No real workout to report, shopping was my cardio last night (anyone remember that line from SATC when Carrie refuses to try online shopping?), and can someone please take my credit cards away from me until I start getting paid?  Thanks.

In other news, happy Wednesday, half-way to the weekend!

17 days…


30 Responses

  1. I LOVE THAT BED! and the bulldog 🙂

    I’m also obsessed with Pottery Barn. I dragged my husband into the one at KOP a couple weeks ago and told him I just wanted to move in.

    • My boyfriend fell off the couch laughing at me one day when I was looking at the catalog because I was so excited about the organizational pieces. He thinks I’m insane. I literally want everything.

  2. Love that dress & shirt! The shirt can be dressed up or down, in so many different ways. I think it will definitely be an asset to your closet.

    PF Changs is so delicious. It’s only 7am but I’m craving it now haha

  3. I love your new bedroom furniture!! So cute! I LOVE the shirt that you bought! It is super cute!!!

    Love PF Changs! I haven’t been there in so long!

  4. I need you as my fashion coordinator. I’ve been wearing the same pants/t-shirt combination for the last eight years.

  5. Oh I love the way you shop!! Just yesterday I was scrolling around on Pottery Barn and Anthro… but I didn’t have the balls to pull the trigger… maybe I’ll just do it and explain it to Hubbs later… after all, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness that permission, right?! 😉

  6. I’m a big fan of the bedroom furniture. Very cute! And if you plan on using it for a long time, there’s nothing wrong with a splurge. That’s what I tell myself about the couch I bought. 🙂

  7. You could freeze your cards in a glass of water. That’s what I had to do after a big splurge this summer, haha.

    Love the bedroom set – so classy.

    And that dress is to die for!

  8. I love that bedroom furniture! The storage under that bed is fantastic! So jealous. 🙂

  9. sweet ass furniture!

  10. I love that bed!!! I’ve eyed it in their catalogs many a time!

  11. LOVE that shirt! And the bed is too cute!!

  12. Wow! I love the new furniture!! The storage baskets in the bed frame is such a great idea!!

  13. Shopping is definitely cardio, especially with the way you tore it up! Great purchases!

  14. I’m having some major shopping envy right about now. Great finds!!

  15. Hey! I have an imaginary future dog as well, except he’s a Pomeranian and he’ll be British 🙂 I love the furniture you picked out and I may have to hit up W/B to snag those earrings. I loooove them!

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