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Training Questions

Waaaah, it is freezing this morning.  I had frost on my windshield, could barely touch the steering wheel, turned my seat heaters on full blast.  According to my car it was 31 degrees, hello winter temps and November.

Last night I did a three mile recovery run, and while my legs felt tight at the start, after the first mile they loosened up and the run went smoothly.  I recovered from Saturday’s long run much better this week than last, which I am pretty happy about.

After my work-out I came home to figure out dinner, and decided to go with the Trader Joe’s Chicken Fried Rice we purchased on Sunday.

Verdict? Not too bad, although it wasn’t ready in 5 minutes and needed some sauce.  So I added some of my favorite Lawry’s teriyaki marinade to it, and that really added some flavor.

It was good for a fast dinner to have when I was home alone, I’d probably buy it again.  Although it could definitely use a few more things to spice the flavor up a bit.  After dinner I relaxed on the couch with some red wine and How I Met Your Mother.

Ok, now I have a few questions regarding the last three weeks of my half marathon training plan.  My long run this weekend is supposed to be 13 miles, followed by 11 the next week, and finally the full 13.1 on race day the week after that.  My problem is, I have a wedding this Saturday that I need to be walking out the door for by 1:30.  Now technically I would have enough time if I could get myself up and out the door by 9 am, but I’m also still trying to decide if I really want to run 13 miles as part of my training.

My last two long runs I’ve started to have IT band pain in my knee around miles 6 and 7, both of those times I’ve been able to stretch and get rid of the pain enough to finish my run, but I don’t know how much longer that method will work.  I want to be able to finish my half without pain, which I think means I should probably take it easier these last couple weeks of training.  My question is, do I really need to run 13 miles this week as part of training, or can I shorten these last two long runs and still be trained enough to finish the half in the time I want to (around 2 hours)?  Any and all opinions are welcome!

Well, it’s Tuesday, my least favorite day of the week.  Add to that the dentist appointment I have this afternoon to get a cavity filled, and it’s really the worst day of the week.  Ugh, have a good one, I will try to also.  I think the cupcake I packed with my lunch may help that ;).




32 Responses

  1. i only got up to 12 miles for my first half and was fine. i would try to do maybe 8-10 miles this weekend, but you will be fiiine!

    • Ok, phew, haha I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t crazy thinking I could do this without running 13 but it seems most people think that is completely unnecessary.

  2. I love fried rice. That looks yummy! Good luck at the dentist. I hate going there especially when you need to get a cavity filled. Too much anxiety! The cupcake should help. Cupcakes fix everything. 🙂

  3. Eesh! That sounds tough. I would give yourself more of a taper than that, especially if your IT shiz is starting to creep back. You’ve already done 11 — do 9 on Saturday and 8 next week. You’ll rock it.

    • Right?! 30 mile week, followed by 24, then 27 seems like it’s just asking for an injury to me. Intense. I’m totally backing off the mileage, haha.

  4. I would shorten it, especially with the wedding and the slight pain you’ve been experiencing. I’ve always read that as long as you’ve reached 10 miles in your training runs, you’re good to go.

  5. First time poster here…had to post because I have IT band issues also. I think you will be totally fine if you want to tone down your long run a little bit. It seems like you’ve been training hard and you’ll totally be able to complete the half. And if you take it easy, you’ll still be able to walk afterwards 😉 Rocking a race is a great feeling, but it’s even better to have knees that work, ya know?

    • Hi, thanks for commenting! Haha definitely important to still have knees that work, I went through too many months having one that didn’t!

  6. I think if you feel like you’re ready for the half without running the 13 miles, you should be fine. You don’t want to risk an injury by overdoing it before the half.

  7. I think you would be fine if you toned down your long run. I think as long as you trained up to 10 you will do good. I only trained up to 12 for my last half marathon. I’ve never done up to 13 for a long run.

  8. Cupcakes make everything a little better. Truth.

    For my half, I think the most I did in training was either 10 or 11? If I were you, I may cut back just a little- if the IT band is giving you problems. You’ve come so far- don’t push yourself into injury right before the race!

    • True story, I ate two cupcakes yesterday, they were awesome. Yeah I don’t want to end up injured again, especially now that I have no health insurance, haha.

  9. I wouldn’t worry about doing the 13 this weekend. Personally, I think you would be best doing maybe 7-8 this weekend and 5-6 next weekend. Fresh legs on race day is never a bad thing!

  10. I just did a half marathon on Saturday and finished in the time that I wanted and my longest training run was 10.6 miles. I think you’ll be fine if you don’t do the 13.

  11. Do at least 10 and you should be good!

  12. you definitely do not have to do 13 miles– just like you don’t have to run 26 more marathon training. if you can bang out 11, do that but really 10 will be fine. The weekend before I’d stick to around 8.

  13. You don’t have to go up to 13. You’ll be fine topping off at 10.

    You can also go slower and just go by time, though that can be a pain in the butt too. ;p

  14. I ran a half 2 weeks ago, my first one. My goal was under 2 hours as well. I ran 11 as my longest run, 8 the next weekend, then the half the following. I finished in 1:54 and actually wished i would have paced myself even faster since I wasn’t too tired after. I also switched 2 of my long runs to sunday night since i had saturday night conflicts and didnt want to run sat or sun morning. To get back on track i just cut out my monday run. everything i read said it was most important to have rested legs as long as you ran your longest run within the last month. I felt very prepared, especially for only training for 6 weeks.

  15. Dentist. EW.
    That fried rice looks good! With a little doctoring up, we may be in for something..

  16. Hi Kelly:
    Love your blog! IMO the 13 mile training run is unnecessary. If you’ve done a 10+ mile run and felt good about it, you’re ready for the half. The crowd energy will get you through those last three miles, no problem.
    Coming up to my marathon I had lots of IT band pain and decided to gamble and forgo the long training runs I had planned for the last three weeks. I think that was a better move than pushing it and risking making the injury worse–and I finished the marathon no problem (again, crowd energy works wonders!)
    Good luck–hope to see you back in NYC soon!

    • Thanks Nicole! And you did awesome in your marathon, congrats! Yeah I think I’ve decided to scrap the 13 miler and just concentrate on not getting hurt. Hopefully I’ll be up to visit again soon!

  17. The longest I ever ran before my first half was 8 miles and I was totally fine. You need to taper and give your legs time to freshen up. You’ve done a 10-miler and have a great running base so you’re going to kill it! No worries!

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