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I’m Back!

Was I missed yesterday? I hope so! Well I’m back today, and going to be super mysterious and not talk at all about what I was doing on my day off yesterday ;). Sorrrry, haha.  I will tell you all about the nail that ended up in my tire though.  Actually, that’s pretty much all there is to say about that also.

I was driving, the scariest warning light ever showed up on my dashboard, I BBMed boyfriend asking him to look up what it meant, and discovered I had some low tire pressure.  Pull off at a rest stop, got the tire pressure checked, and discovered a nail right in the middle of the front right tire.  Fantastic.  I’ll take one I-95 nail special to go please.  I got it plugged, but my warning light is still on.  I’m hoping it just needs to be reset and that I don’t have to buy a new tire, because they’re a freaking expensive.

So the Yankees finally remembered how to play baseball last night, and now we only need to win two games in a row to make it to the World Series.

The Phillies are actually in the same boat right now, despite ALL the sports radio broadcasts leading up to this series declaring them unbeatable, and pretty much just jumping right into talk about a World Series match up.  Karma, it’s a bitch isn’t it?  Maybe next time you won’t jump the gun, because shit happens and pitchers are beatable.  Especially when your teams offense has been asleep since the start of the playoffs.  Anyway, go Yankees!  And alright, go Phillies, because I really have nothing against them unless they are playing the Yanks.  I just HATEEEEEEE listening to the sports radio broadcasts.

One last thing, check out my adorable new house!

My future roommates and I found out that we got it on Tuesday, and I am so unbelievably excited.  More photos and location disclosure after I actually move in!  Eeeeek, sorry it just still makes me so happy to see it.  We already have plans to make use of that front porch, sitting on it with our drinks, and maybe in some rocking chairs.  Or a hammock, or bench swing, the possibilities are endless!

Thursday already, huh?  It actually kind of feels like a Monday since I was off yesterday.  Anyway, one more day until the weekend!  Boyfriend and I are heading out to Villanova on Saturday to play with my sister and watch our college, JMU, take on Villanova in football.  Should be a fun weekend!

26 Responses

  1. TOOOO cute!!! Love the house!

  2. You should really just admit that you don’t like the Phillies already. Seriously, it will feel good to say it out loud.

  3. Hooray for finding a place! I like it… 🙂

    I got a huge piece of metal stuck in my tire once. No good… especially since I had replaced the tire about two months earlier. 😦

  4. Kelly, I’m excited for your new place and your super secret day off (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but seriously, you can’t say that stuff about the Phils, then cheer for them when the Yanks suck it up. JUST SAYING. Pick a side.
    Haha, LOVE YOU!


    Counting down the days until our half-marathon!

    (go phillies)

    • I don’t just cheer for them when the Yanks are sucking, I cheer for them as long as they are not playing the Yankees. I picked an NL and AL team, perfectly acceptable. 1 month Jill, 1. Eek.

  5. I agree about this Phillies thing…you’re not fan and I’m actually starting to think you may hate them. We don’t need your fake support right now and your wayward fan hood is gonna send the Giants and Rangers straight to the world series and how awful would that be….really awful.
    Ok well it’s mug night at Erin’s on Saturday night, possibly my favorite activity. Love you and can’t wait to rage this weekend!

  6. Love the house! It’s so cute!!! You can’t move! We just starting hanging out! 😦

    Have fun this weekend!!!

  7. Congratulations on the new house! I love porches.

  8. That house is SO cute!! I would be excited just to have a porch. 🙂

  9. I hope things went well yesterday!!!!!! Love the house!

  10. Your house is ADORABLE!

  11. Umm.. one month is crazy talk! I feel like I just ran the last half! Cute house!!!

  12. Very cute!

    I feel like every time I go get my oil change, they tell me that there is a nail in the tire. I think they put it there!

  13. […] this move was a smart decision or not.  Then, in the middle of October the girls and I found the PERFECT house, and signed our lease last weekend.  It became real, I had a 15 month lease on my hands and rent […]

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