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Friday Fun

I made the 4:53 train out of Hamilton to NYC on Friday afternoon, and arrived in a very (not the) windy city.  Wind gusts for Friday night and today are forecast to be up to 50 mph.  Awesome!  The train wasn’t too crowded, and was a double decker new one, so I listened to some Carrie Underwood and took care of some paper work during my ride.  Unfortunately when I was about 15 minutes outside the city, Alex sent me a BBM informing me that he was stuck at work late and wouldn’t be done by the time I got there.  Meh, whatever, no big deal.  I sat at the bar across the street from his apartment enjoying an Octoberfest and a Vodka and Club until he was finished.

Alex eventually made it home around 7:30 and collected me from the bar so that we could head to the apartment to make dinner.  I always complain that he never has any food in his house and we have to eat out for every meal, so he went grocery shopping on Thursday and actually picked up stuff for us to have!  Dinner last night was marinated chicken, green beans, sweet potatoes, and rice.

Everything was delicious, and we watched the Yankees suck it up for the first 7 innings before staging the most amazing come back in the 8th.  We kept it fairly low-key last night since we are running a 5k in Central Park this morning, and watched the end of the baseball game in bed.  Boyfriend actually passed out before the game was over, I’m surprised my screaming didn’t wake him up haha.

Yesterday Lee asked what kind of shirt I was wearing with my jeggings, and I said I would post a picture of my outfit if I remembered.  So, here it is.

Long-sleeve t-shirt from the GAP, DSW Chinese Laundry boots, and jeggings from the Limited.  I liked this shirt with them because it was a little bit longer and slightly loose.  Alright, well I’m off to Central Park with the boyfriend, hopefully we don’t blow away haha.  I’m treating this 5k as part of my 5 mile training run scheduled for today, so I’m not trying to PR or anything, just going to have fun with Alex!


10 Responses

  1. Have fun with the 5k! I’m still jealous you snagged a guy who started to like running with you! I talked to a guy who would humor me about it and go along, but alas, that dropped off…

    And I heart Chinese Laundry shoes. Their heels are fantastic- and they never hurt my feet!

  2. Good luck running today!!! Your outfit is super cute! I love those boots!!! 🙂

  3. LOVE your outfit!! I’m looking forward to the days when I can pull off stuff like jeggings again!! 😉 Those boots totally make that outfit – love it!!

  4. Oh I love that Alex went grocery shopping for you! That’s so sweet. I wonder if he could teach my boyfriend to be more useful . . .

    Enjoy the run! 🙂

  5. SUPER cute outfit! and good luck!

  6. I like the shirt. Maybe I’ll look into a pair of jeggings. They look good!

    Hope your run went well.

  7. I love the whole outfit!

  8. Girl, I finally found some jeggins this weekend and I am in LOVE. If I could sell all my jeans and exchange them for jeggings I so would.

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