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Rainy Days and Tuesday’s Bring Me Down

You know whose legs were not feeling a 5 mile recovery run yesterday?  Mine.  I got about 2.5 miles into my run before I completely called it quits.  My legs were heavy and sore, and I was pretty sure I was barely lifting them off the treadmill.  Sometimes it’s better to chalk a run up to a loss then push through it and risk feeling worse the next day.  Instead, I moved over to the elliptical for the remainder of my workout, and my legs are definitely thanking me today.  Thankfully this week is a fall  back week in my training plan and mileage is significantly reduced, because my body definitely needs it.

My sister is home this week for her fall break (hoooray, fantastic, imsoexcited) and she was already calling me yesterday afternoon to ask what was for dinner last night.  I told her to think about what she wanted and we could eat when I got home from the gym.  Of course when I walked in from the gym she was still laying in the exact same spot on the couch where I left her an hour and a half earlier, still with no idea what she wanted to eat.  Typical.

Leftover chicken marsala and mashed potatoes it was.  Second go with the mashed potatoes definitely confirmed they needed at least more pepper, maybe some more garlic also.  The marsala wine sauce and mushrooms made a great gravy though, and added a lot of flavor.  After dinner, the two of us relaxed on the computer with our respective computers me on Twitter and her perusing spring break destinations.  Oh spring break, how I miss you.




The good news is that since all my friends and I refuse to grow up and accept the fact that we are no longer in college, there are talks for a March group vacation in the works.  Perhaps another cruise?! Fingers crossed.

Yesterday I was going through the online articles of the November issue of Runners World and came across this fantastic story about Bart Yasso.  It’s a long one, so check it out when you have a little free time, but really inspiring and motivational.  I might have teared up a little.

Rainy Tuesday here, which makes the day even more unbearable.  It is however bff Jilly’s 26th birthday, so happy birthday pretty lady! Miss you and love you, I hope you have a great day.


me and the b-day girl



16 Responses

  1. Have fun with your sister this week!

    Yeah, one of the great things about teaching is I never had to say goodbye to spring break 🙂

  2. Yay for sister visits! Does she go to school far away?

    I am totally feeling you on fatigue. Hoping it passes soon…

  3. The legs always want to call it quits before I do. Usually I say let’s see where it goes for 10 minutes. If I’m still feeling like poo after that, I’m done. Usually I get through it. But I’ve totally had those days where I just chalk it up as another rest day and move on…

    Happy Birthday to your friend! 🙂

  4. Oh I miss the elliptical. It was fun.
    Good move cutting the run short. Sometimes its really necessary.

  5. I hate this rain. I think it’s supposed to be nice out tomorrow though! 🙂

    Have fun with your sister this week!!

  6. AW! Kelbel, thanks for the birthday shoutout, my love!!!!!!!

    I can’t wait until you move down here. I miss you so so so much 🙂 We’ll have to resurrect our “Jill Kelly” college days…the metro area won’t know what hit them.


  7. Sorry about the bad run, story of my life lately so I totally feel you. Good call on switching to the elliptical!

    Happy B-day to your friend!

  8. Ah spring break…isn’t it close to being here yet?!

  9. I definitely have runs like that. Although I do have some remorse about stopping short, I know it does it better to listen to my body.

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