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Happy Birthday!

Today is the boyfriends 26th birthday, so happy birthday babe!  He’s not very excited about turning 26, so let’s make him feel better about it.  And, because he should have known better than to send me this picture, here’s a picture of baby Alex!

Isn’t he cute?  Haha, he looks exactly the same.  Lovee you, have a good birthday ;).

Last night was a rest day, and when I got home from work I immediately took some chicken out of the freezer and cut it up to marinate.  All day I’d been planning my dinner in my head, and I couldn’t wait to eat.  While the chicken marinated, I ran across the street to pick up a bottle of red and some frozen veggies to go with my dinner.  I was making my favorite teriyaki chicken stir fry with noodles.  In the mix went half a sweet onion, four cloves of garlic, broccoli florets, corn, and snap peas.  I used about three servings worth of whole wheat linguine, and two chicken breasts.

It was delicious, and I ate a giant plate full and brought leftovers for lunch today :).  After dinner I sat on the couch waiting for the Britney episode of Glee, and was excited to see one of the episodes of How I Met Your Mother that she was in, also was on last night.  Glee lived up to my expectations, and Heather Morris is a fantastic dancer.  I kind of felt bad for Lea Michelle when she did Baby One More Time, because her dancing was just not as good at all.  She still has a great voice though.  Was anyone else hoping for a John Stamos/Matt Morrison sing off though?  Maybe in a future episode?  Get on that Glee.

In other news, the Yankees are back in the playoffs this year hooray!  Now it’s just a battle between them and Tampa for first place in the division, playoff games start in a week.  I’m pumped.  Oh yeah, the Phillies are back too, so it’s only a matter of time before popular songs have their lyrics replaced by things about the Phils.  Like last year, when radio stations changed all the lyrics to Jay Z’s New York and made it about Philly.  Awful.  Anyway, I wouldn’t mind a Phillies/Yankees World Series again.  Makes it interesting, except the Yankees really need to pull it together if they want to make it that far.

Half-way through the week friends.  I think we can make it!

22 Responses

  1. THough it’s cropped out in this one, the fact that Zack and I are wearing matching sailboat shirts is awesome.

    Thanks Kel.

  2. Being 26 is terrific. Happy birthday, Boyfriend Alex. That is a hot outfit you have going on in that shot.

  3. Happy Birthday Alex! I was definitely hoping that John Stamos and Matthew Morrison were going to sing together. I was waiting for it the entire episode. I hope they bring John back for them to sing together!

    I seriously hated last year too how Q102 would constantly change different songs and add the Phillies name to it. I am not looking forward to that again.

  4. 26 is a good year!! Happy birthday to Alex!

  5. Happy Birthday Alex! 🙂

    I really must have missed out on the whole Glee craze. At this point, it’s too far in for me to jump on the bandwagon. My ocd would not allow me to start watching it unless I netflix it and start from the beginning…

  6. Happy Birthday Alex!! 🙂

    I’ve only ever watched one episode of Glee. It was entertaining, but I just didn’t get into it. Maybe you have to start from the beginning.

  7. I don’t want to turn 22 so I really have no inspiring words for Alex….

    you made my favorite dinner last night. so sad

  8. Yeah Lea Michelle’s dancing was not great, haha. Still a funny episode though.

    Happy Birthday Alex!!

  9. happy birthday to your manfriend!

  10. Happy Birthday Alex!!! OMG you were such a cutie pie!

  11. Happy Birthday to Alex!! What an adorable picture!! 🙂

  12. hey Kel, did you know that Heather Morris used to be a back up dancer for Beyonce? The dancing makes sense now!

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX….what an cute picture!!

  14. Why have I not made that stir-fry yet?! Me… the pasta freak!
    And happy birthday to Alex!!!

  15. Happy Birthday to Alex.

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