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Catching Up

So it’s been awhile since there was a normal blog post around here.  I really enjoyed taking a break from my regular posting and sharing that story with you all, so I’m happy you guys liked it too!  I think every once in a while I’m going to take breaks like that and really just write.  It is what I’m passionate about after all.  Let’s briefly catch you up on what you missed.

Tuesday night I did my 5 mile run per my training plan, and Wednesday was a 2×1 mile workout at 8:34 pace.  My car was at the dealership last week for its maitenence appointment and to get the sunroof fixed, and per usual they hooked me up with a sweet rental car.  It’s all part of their plan, give you a brand new car to drive around to convince you to buy a new one.  I almost ran away with it, but in the end I returned it and got mine back.  I did enjoy it while I had it though.

2011 328i hard top convertible

Sigh, I miss you already pretty car.  I also had some super stressful things going on last week, if you follow me on twitter you know what I’m talking about.  If you don’t, sorry but I can’t exactly divulge everything here on the blog yet.  Soon though, I promise!  Friday after work, I hopped on the train and went up to NYC for the weekend.  Alex’s birthday is this Wednesday so we celebrated it a little bit early.

happy almost birthday!

The two of us enjoyed a nice sushi dinner, two for one drink specials, and a free appetizer of edaname since our rolls were taking so long.  It was a very nice dinner date.  After dinner, we went back to the apartment to have a few drinks and just relax with a movie.  We’d both had long days at work, were tired, and not in the mood to go out.  We started to watch Where the Wildthings Are, but about 45 minutes into it turned it off.  It was not entertaining at all, and we were bored out of our minds.  Luckily it was a free HBO On Demand movie, and we didn’t have to pay for it.

Saturday morning I had an 8 mile long run to accomplish, so I drug myself out of bed to get ready for it.  I ate a chocolate chip Cliff Bar for pre-run fuel and stuck a few dollars into my pocket so I could buy a Gatorade half way through my run.  Alex came with me for the first 1.5 miles, and then turned around to run back home.  I was on my own for the other 6.5 miles I had to accomplish that day.  The first 1.5 with Alex were actually the worst feeling miles of the whole run, after that I found my groove and cruised to mile 4.  I stopped at the South Street Seaport and picked up a Gatorade, drank some of it, and carried it with me until about mile 6 when I tossed it because I got annoyed with holding it.

I was running under bridges and the FDR highway for a majority of the run, and my Garmin kept losing the satellite signal so all my mile splits and distance were messed up.  I remember running under the highway at one point and my Garmin was telling me I was running at a 5:25 pace, and that was how I knew it was messed up haha.  Miles 6-8 were pretty rough, my legs started to get heavy and my bootay started to hurt but I pushed through and finished in 1:16:47.  I’m not sure of the exact distance, but I think it was something like 7.5-7.6 miles.  Not too shabby for a Saturday morning, and I was able to see parts of the city I’d never been to before.

It was really nice running a long the East River, and the breeze blowing off the water helped me ignore the 84 degree temperature.  After dragging myself back to the apartment, I showered as quickly as possible and met Alex at the bar for some wings and beer.  That’s what I run for ;).  We spent the whole day Saturday drinking beers and watching college football, and it was perfect.  Mine and Alex’s friend Megan came into the city Saturday night, and the three of us enjoyed a delicious dinner before heading out for a night on the town.  We went to a few different bars, and then I think were home by 1 am.

Sunday was pretty similar to Saturday, beers, football, and food.  Only Sunday involved burritos from Chipotle instead of BBQ wings.  That was actually my first trip to Chipotle, and honestly I was kind of disappointed.  I much prefer Moe’s, but the didn’t open until noon and Alex and I were dying for food at 11 am.


diving in anyway

Meh, it served its purpose, but I will not be returning to Chipotle anytime soon.  Thanks for humoring me babe, I know that walk to Union Square was brutal!  After lunch it was off to the bar for the 49ers game, and the first half of the Eagles game before I caught the train to come home.  Weekends in NYC are always fun, but exhausting, and by the time I got home at 9 Sunday night I was ready to crash.
Yesterday was a little rough at work, and it took all of my willpower to drag myself to the gym to get my run in.  It was a dreary Monday, and coming home to lounge in sweats sounded like a lot more fun.  I made it there though, and attempted to do my 5 mile easy run.  My legs were still a little sore from Saturday’s long run, so I cut it short at 4 miles.  Hey, better than not doing anything at all.
Tonight is the Britney Spears episode of Glee, and I can’t wait.  I love her, I hope it’s as good as I’m expecting.

25 Responses

  1. I loved reading the segments of your story with The German! Definitely keep up the longer writing segments (when the mood strikes to write them!).

    Good job on that run!

  2. I’ve had Chipotle before and it’s okay. There isn’t anything too special about it. I’ve had better burritos elsewhere. Have you ever been to Las Margaritas?! They have THE BEST Mexican food ever!

    I am so excited for the Britney Spears episode of Glee too!! Love her!

  3. Enjoyed the story too, and the cute pictures!

    I always have a hard time the first couple of miles, seems like it takes that long just to warm up (that’s why I suck at 5ks!) But way to stick with it.

  4. I run in the city a lot and always laugh at my Garmin’s “instant” readings. I find the overall distance and time are accurate, but I CANNOT rely on what it says at any point. I’ll look at the stats afterwards and it’ll be like “slowest 2.2mph, fastest 26.3mph” um, right. Because I can run more than 25mph. And still take 9 minutes to cover a mile.


    • I felt like the time was accurate, but the distance just seemed a little short to me. I mapped it on map my run also and it worked out to about 7.5 and my garmin was telling me 7.1 Who knows though, haha. But yeah when I loaded my stats it said i ran like 26 mph, I’m sure, haha.

  5. I seriously thought I was the only one! I’m not a big fan of Chipotle at all and all my college friends think I’m crazy. Especially when a Moe’s opened up my senior year and I became slightly obsessed when everyone else firmly decided Chipotle was better and I could never get anyone to go to Moe’s with me.

    • Seriously so glad I’m not a lone in this. Alex told me I was crazy, and then laughed I made him walk so far to get to one and then not like it. Oh well, at least now I know I can only go to Moe’s after noon on Sundays.

  6. When you go to Chipotle next time (because I love toe otle)…you have to get the burrito bowl with steak. It’s so good. I hateee moes!

  7. That car IS pretty!! Shame you didn’t get to keep it eh?
    I has a rough time with my workout yesterday too. And by rough I mean I did 5 minutes of yoga, got bored and stopped. 🙂

  8. Man, I’ve never been given that sweet of a rental. Awesome!

    I am not a huge fan of Chipotle either, it’s just ok.


  9. Okay I love a girl who can admit to loving Brittney Spears! I have a few of her songs on my IPOD…no shame!

    Also I wanted to ask one questions…how does Alex feel about you and The German still being friends?

    • Haha I have more than a few.

      He didn’t necessarily like reading the posts, I don’t know if he actually did or not, but when I asked him if it would be ok if I got together with The German when he came back to town he said yes. I’m sure it’s uncomfortable for him a little, but he knows he can trust me.

  10. Oh and yeah…Chipolte is completely overrated! We have a place in Austin called Freebirds that is totally better!

  11. I still love Britney too.. and she’s actually normal again!
    Well normal for her…

    Loved reading your story!! But always love your normal posts too 🙂 Your weekend sounds fun! And running in NYC.. is there a better place to run in? Don’t think so haha

  12. I liked your story!

    Im watching Glee right now. Yay.

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