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My First Cookbook

So I think it’s pretty safe to assume the bride to be isn’t checking up on my blog on wedding day so I’m gonna show you guys what I made for her.  Alexis and her fiancée started dating ten years ago, and are moving in together for the first time when they get back from their 2 week honeymoon in Hawaii.  I wanted to give her some of my easy and quick recipes to have on hand for her and her new roommate, aka husband :).

All together, about 20 of my recipes and photos are included.  Alexis has been the recipient of some of my leftovers before, so I know she really likes some of these recipes.  I hope she tries them all eventually!

Per my training plan, I completed a 4 mile easy run last night at 10 min pace and it felt easy.  Hooray!  Sunday is my first long run, and the training plan says 8, but I’m going for anywhere between 6-8 since 8 is on the plan for the following week also and I don’t want to jump from 15 miles one week to 21 the next that quickly.  I have a feeling my knee wouldn’t like that very much.

Now I’m going to complain for a second, haha so feel free to skip this part.  In packing for Alexis’s wedding last night, I pulled my dress out of the closet to try on “just in case”.  I wore it last November for a wedding and really had no reason to think it wouldn’t fit the exact same way as it did then, well unfortunately I was wrong.  My ass has apparently taken on a life of its own and grown substantially in the past 10 months.  Either that or the dry cleaners shrunk my dress.  I want to go with the latter since all my other clothes still fit, but I can’t even remember if it actually went to the dry cleaners!  Blah!  The bf tried to convince me it was all muscle, I think I told him to shove it.

Anyways, it’s Friday and I have three hours left of my work day!  If only I was getting paid to take this half day, le sigh.  Then it’s off to the beach for Alexis’s wedding, which I’m sure will be beautiful, emotional, and a drunken mess :).  Alex, I’m picking you up at the train station at 11:26, so please be there!  What else is everyone up to this weekend?

16 Responses

  1. Im up!

  2. I LOVE the cookbook you made for your friend! That is such a cute idea! I made one of those for my friends at work who was retiring. I love making scrapbooks. I’ve made Mike at least 3 since we’ve been together. Those types of gifts are so much more sentimental then anything you can buy. Have fun at the wedding! 🙂

    I’m going to the Phillies game tonight. Other then that, my weekend is pretty open. 🙂

  3. Aww, what a sweet gift! Very thoughtful!

  4. The cook book is sooo cute! My friend Hannah made one for me a few years ago and I love it!

    No worries about the dress. My friend Mon gave me a pair of jeans that I was so close to getting to wear. I just had to lose a little more “muffin top”. Well, after all this training/strength training/whatever, my muffin top is gone, but my butt pretty much threatens to rip through the jeans if I wear them for longer than a minute. It’s totally the lunges. :p At least we’ve got killer curves, right? ha ha That’s the one and only J Lo moment I’ve ever experienced…

  5. The cookbook looks awesome! I miss you’re fantastic cooking!! Have fun this weekend and try not to fall down or rip your dress 🙂

  6. That cookbook looks awesome!!! I want one! I’ll let you know when I get married….

    & I’ve read on many-a-blog that you typically gain weight during training, but girl…I think you’re bf is right…its all muscle!

  7. That cookbook is awesome! Such a good gift idea! 🙂

    I think its clear the cleaners shrunk your dress. The bastards!

  8. I know it’s not going to make you feel better to hear me say that a booty isn’t the worst place in the world to gain weight, but I believe it. When I am in serious training, my thighs balloon out. I pretend that it’s muscle.

  9. hey, it probably is muscle. Esp in the bootay! In my opinion, a bigger butt is never a bad thing.

  10. Cool gift!

    I always gain weight in my butt/thighs.

  11. What an amazing gift!!!!! Your friend is so lucky!

  12. That’s such a sweet gift!!! What a great idea!!
    And I can relate to the dress issue.. my ass has grown exponentially lately too. Maybe somethings in the air?

  13. What a cute gift! She’ll LOVE IT!

  14. PS I wish I could grow my ass. Think Kardasian 🙂

  15. That’s a great idea. Most of my friends are married now but I’m going to put that in my idea box! Thanks for sharing.

  16. SUCH a cute idea. You did a great job!

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

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