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My First 5k

I had a low-key weekend at home, but that doesn’t meant it wasn’t exciting!  Alex, actually decided to come down on Friday night so I picked him up from the train station around 9:15 and we spent the night on the couch with a few drinks and a movie.  We watched Killers with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl, and while I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it in theaters there were some parts that were funny.

Saturday Alex and I set out with the mission to watch college football all day without drinking, in order to prepare for our 5k on Sunday.  This was a pretty easy task until our college, JMU, beat Virgina Tech in one of our schools biggest victories ever.  That’s including our National Championship in 2004.  Going into the game, even our couch thought a victory was out of reach since the big football schools bring in the smaller ones for a pretty much guaranteed victory.  This was the first time JMU (an FCS school) beat an FBS school since 1990 when they beat Navy.  Alex and I were so excited, I may have jumped up and down on the couch, that we decided to split my last purple and gold Bud Light that I’d saved from Homecoming last year.


After the excitement of the game, both of us were kind of at a loss for things to do.  We ended up watching a few more college football games, and a really amazing documentary about 9/11 on the History Channel.  It was called 102 minutes, and if you’ve never seen it I highly recommend checking it out.  It’s a compilation of personal footage from the day, and just really powerful.  We ordered takeout for dinner, ravioli for me Chinese for Alex, and went to bed early to rest up for our race.

Sunday morning Alex and I were up bright and early so each of us could tackle our first 5k.  This was Alex’s first race ever, so we were both excited.  The forecast was calling for showers, but when we woke up it wasn’t raining yet so we just kept our fingers crossed.  I made us PB and banana sandwiches, we drank some coffee, and made it to the race about an hour early just as it started to pour.

Rainy race day

Luckily I had experience running in a downpour, since it was a rainy mess during the only other race I ever ran.  Since this was a local and small race, it wasn’t fancy and we didn’t have individual chips to time us.  We lined up somewhere behind the speedy high school cross-country team members, and waited for the “GO!”.  We took off, I saw an opening, and made my way through the crowd of people.

Can you spot us?  I was really nervous about going out too fast in the first mile and burning out, so I tried to start conservatively but I actually think I went out a little too slow.  My first mile split was 9:04, a little too slow for a 5k.  The course led us in through a neighborhood, with a turn around at mile 1.5.  Turn arounds, are not my friend.  I feel like I lose speed and momentum, but I finished mile 2 in 8:47.  Once I saw the mile 2 marker, I knew there wasn’t much left and tried to turn it on for the last 1.1 miles.  Unfortunately by that point, my feet were soaked and I could feel the water sloshing around in my shoes.  The last part of the race was also an uphill, which is just plain evil, mile 3 was 8:32.  My “official” finish time was 27:55.34, but I started about 15-20 seconds behind the main group.  Unfortunately, when I thought I hit the button to stop my Garmin it didn’t actually stop, so I don’t know my exact time.  I think it was somewhere around 27:30ish.  Good enough for 3rd in my age group!

getting my medal!

I wanted to make a playlist full of songs that would pump me up for my race, and I really had fun running to this one.

Alex did awesome for his first race, and finished only about 10 seconds behind me, but he thinks he could have gone faster and is already talking about another 5k.  We both had a lot of fun running our first 5k, but couldn’t wait for hot showers and food.

After we showered and warmed up, we went to my favorite sports bar for a Sunday funday full of NFL!  We watched the first round of games while eating a lunch of Chicken Nachos, then Alex had some buffalo tenders and I ate a cup of French Onion Soup.  The nachos we shared were GIGANTIC!

Huge, but so good.  Alex is a 49ers fan, so we had to stay for the second round of games since the Eagles were playing at the same time.  Unfortunately both of our teams lost, but our Fantasy teams did great!  All in all it was a great weekend, and I was more than ready for bed when 9:30 rolled around last night.  Now it’s back to work and off to another wedding this weekend!

Try to have a great Monday!

24 Responses

  1. I love how you ended this with “try to have a great monday!”

    Congrats on the race!!!

  2. Alright!!! Looking good in your medal!! Congrats!

  3. Awesome job on the race!! Third in your age group is amazing!!

  4. Congrats on your race!!! 🙂 That is so exciting!

    Those nachos look so incredibly good!! Where did you get them from?

    Have a good Monday!

  5. Awesome!!!! I can’t believe that was your first 5K. You should try one when it’s not pouring out; they go a bit faster.

  6. Nice work on your first 5k!

    Same to Alex- and it sounds like he’s caught the racing bug… ha ha

  7. Good job! How many people were in the race? How tall are you?

  8. Yay! Great job on placing!

  9. 3rd in your age group!! Way to go, that’s awesome!! 🙂

  10. ahhh are those Ale House chicken nachos? I love those 🙂

  11. Rockstar – way to own your age group!

    The first 5k I ran was a rainy one and I had NEVER run in the rain before. It was quite the experience.

  12. That is a great time!

    I don’t mind running in the rain except that I worry about my ipod the entire time.

  13. One of you looks much happier than the other – HEE.

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