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Um, so first of all check this out.  This was on the car in front of me on my way into work this morning.


Really?  You’re a vampire huh?  That’s interesting.  People are so strange.  Second, I was reminded this morning of my least favorite thing about summer ending.  When my alarm went off at 6:05 this morning, it was still pitch black outside and in my room.  I first thought that my alarm was going off at the wrong time, sadly it was not.  The sun finally started to come up during my drive, sadly it will only get worse before it starts to get better.

Since I was practically falling asleep with my eyes open at my desk yesterday, I took a rest day at the gym and worked on a little scrap booking project I’m doing.  I was so involved and distracted by it that I almost completely forgot about dinner.  Notice I said almost, haha.  There was some amazing food in the suite on Monday night, and we took home the leftovers for dinners and lunches this week.

yummy dinner

grilled chicken caesar with a light vinaigrette

mini crab cake

fresh Jersey corn

mini burger

Probably didn’t need both the crab cake and the burger, but it sounded good at the time.  I really need to get better about my portion control, that’s going to be my goal for the month of September.  That and to cut back on the glasses of wine during the week.  There I said it here, now you all have to hold me to it!

Ok, so did any catch Jackie Warner’s new show Thintervention on Bravo last night?  I was a fan of her other show Work Out when it was on, so I wanted to see what this one was like.  It’s a lot like The Biggest Loser except without a monetary prize at the end, just a winning result of a healthier you.  I like the show in theory, but the only problem I have with it is the nutritional advice that Jackie dishes out.  I did some web searching, and it looks like the only certifications/degrees that she has are these two, International Sports Science Association (I.S.S.A.), and National Endurance and Strength Association (N.E.S.T.A.).  I found that on her website, jackiewarner.com.  While I appreciate that someone can know nutritional information without a degree in nutrition, it makes me wonder where she gets information like “adding lemon juice to water will burn an extra 75 calories a day”.  Also, she made all the participants throw out everything with over 5g of sugar per serving, and claims yogurt isn’t a healthy snack.  I don’t really see Greek yogurt doing tons of damage to my body, but is it really?  While I don’t doubt that she is a fantastic personal trainer and will kick your booty into shape, I just have to wonder where she gained all this information about food and diet and whether or not it’s true or just for the sake of entertainment.  What do you guys think? I also have a problem with the name of the show, but that’s a post for another day.

Hey guess what, it’s Wednesday already!  Have a great one!

24 Responses

  1. Yeah, I definitely think of her as a trainer and NOT a nutritionist– I hate how reality tv weight loss shows often seem to just lump the two together, instead of understanding that they’re definitely different things!

  2. Did you hear about the Jersey woman who had the fashion plate of “BIOTCH” until someone complained and made her change it? That was classy, on both parts! I kind of enjoyed “Work Out,” and will probably watch this show, but I hate super-skinny trainers dealing out bogus information. On the other hand, I would certainly enjoy JW’s abs, so who knows? Lemon juice for a six pack? Sure!

  3. Hah, there’s a lady here at work who decided she wants to get thin and she’s in the kitchen every morning mashing lemons into her water bottle. So far I haven’t noticed any difference. Maybe when combined with exercise and a healthy diet, maybe it makes a difference, but the problem is that a lot of people are just going to be like, “oh I can just put lemons in this and lose weight.” That’s why I don’t like the weight loss shows – they only reveal a portion of what’s going on behind the scenes, and you don’t see how many calories these people are consuming, or that they have doctors and trainers and nutritionists also guiding them behind the scenes.

    Just wrote you a novel here, but blah.

    I ran this morning and it was so dark I totally couldn’t see the road- it sucked!

  4. A bad novel, as I’m re-reading…okay, no more commenting on blogs before I finish my coffee.

  5. Your dinner looks delish! I love leftovers. They make dinner so much easier.

    I have to agree with you on the show. I really don’t like the name of the show at all. I have greek yogurt almost every day and I haven’t seen anything bad happen to myself either. I have never heard that yogurt isn’t good for you. I haven’t watched this show but it sounds like a lot of the nutrition facts need some checking especially since this is on tv. I mean this is the type of thing that can cause disordered eating.

  6. I know regular yogurt has a good amount of HFCS in it maybe that’s what she was referring to? Greek yogurt does not even come close to the amount. But what do I know. Btw I think it’s great that you can maintain good portions and still look so great!

  7. I was thinking the same thing when I watched the show! I absolutely love Biggest Loser so wanted to give this one a try. While I’ll probably watch it I wasn’t impressed with the way she talked about nutrition at all. I think she should have spent a lot more time talking about what good foods they should eat and incorporate into their diets rather than focusing so much on getting rid of foods with 5g of sugar (like yogurt – which has tons of health benefits for women). I also never heard the adding lemon to water to burn more calories (which now I have to research).

  8. I have a major issue with the name of the show. I will not watch it for that reason.

    I could go on and on about my feelings towards this show after everything I’ve heard, but we’re probably all better off if I keep it to myself.

    As for the yogurt thing, I have to wonder if maybe she means the sugary “non fat” yogurt isn’t a good snack. Because that stuff IS crap.

  9. Lemons are naturally detoxifying and bring the pH level in your body into alignment. It also jump starts your metabolism. But, neither of these are going to show a consider change in your body if you don’t also exercise. What a shock…the key to losing weight is actually exercise.

  10. I have that DVRed but haven’t watched it yet. I loved Workout, but the name Thintervention bothers me. Not sure if I’ll like it or not. Kind of cool that Gina from TRH is on it though.

  11. Portion control is always an issue for me. Because I love going back for more… ugh. I’ll be with ya in that September goal…

    And the weeknight wine thing is something I’ve worked really hard to eliminate- and save for Fridays. But yeah… I cracked last night… ha

  12. I think she is probably a great trainer and just says different things that have worked for HER body…and thats where she gets her nutrition advice.

    Some if it sounds silly!

  13. So first of all, I am totally guilty of the wine during the week buuuut you know how it goes.

    And i used to watch her show too. And I have one of her DVD’s, and it will kick your butt. BUT by the things you say, I don’t know about her new show.. i’d like to know about the Greek Yogurt thing :/

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