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Time to Regroup

Well, that’s it.  Summer is officially over, and no more days off until Thanksgiving, which is really the saddest part.  In case you missed it, here’s my recap of Friday’s wedding festivities!

Despite our late night on Friday, the five of us girls were up at 7 am on Saturday morning.  This may have had more to do with the fact that five of us were in one bed than that we were actually ready to be awake, but hey.  Yes, our hotel room had two full sized beds that we pushed together to create one massive bed.  It was lovely.

Saturday we invited ourselves over to a friends house for bbqing and outside day drinking.  I mean, it was absolutely gorgeous out and we had to take advantage of the last summer weekend!  We played some corn hole, frizbeer, beer pong, and more.  It was a great day, but we were exhausted by 1 am and called it a night.

original 5


corn hole

the best beer


haha I love this one

It was a really, really fun weekend and I was so sad to say goodbye to everyone and DC on Sunday, but don’t worry I’ll be back ;).

on the drive home

Sunday I got back to PA around noon, and immediately laid on the couch for the next five hours until I had to go pick Alex up from the train station.  The two of us enjoyed a nice dinner at Macaroni Grill, and then came home and watched some TV.  We called it a pretty early night, since we were both exhausted.

Yesterday was another beautiful day, and we woke up and went for a leisurely 3 mile run together.  My body was definitely not recovered from the weekend yet, and mile 3 was rough.  My legs definitely felt 20 pounds heavier than they really are.  Around 3:00 we hopped in the car to head out to last nights Phillies vs. Marlins game.

Yup, we were ballers and had seats in a suite for last nights game :).  It was pretty awesome.  I’ve sat in a suite for a Flyers, Eagles, and even Sixers game, but never for the Phils, now I can say that I have!

view of the field

city from the stadium

Now, you know I can’t go to a baseball game without enjoying a hot dog, even if there is a ton of other food to eat in the suite.  Last night happened to be dollar dog night again, but ours were free!

dollar dogs!


It was a really great game, and the Phillies won.  Both Alex and I had a great time, but didn’t get home till midnight because of stupid stadium traffic so I am exhausted today.  Thank goodness I get one weekend off before my last wedding of the year.  My Google reader is absolutely out of control, so hopefully I can get around to that and seeing what everyone else was up to over this holiday weekend!  Have a great Tuesday!

20 Responses

  1. Aw, you guys are so happy. Yay friends! And yay frizbeer, a game I have not played in a very long time. Don’t stress about the Google reader – my M.O. in those circumstances is to mark all as read and start from scratch. Not worth driving yourself nuts over.

    • You would prob kick my ass at frisbeer, haha. I’m such a freak marking all as read makes me nervous haha I have to read them all and see what I missed

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Lucky that you got to see the Phils win in person this weekend. I’m hoping they can hold it together for the rest of the month and not collapse and miss the playoffs.

  3. Look at that hotdog! YUM!

    and beer pong–you are my kind of girl. I LOVE beer pong!

  4. Sounds like an awesome weekend!!
    I’m not a big sports person, but sitting in the suites is so much fun!

  5. The box suite looks awesome! I have always wanted to sit in one of those for a Phillies or Eagles game. One day. 🙂

  6. Dollar dogs! That’s just awesome. I love grilled hotdogs… another reason why I’m sad to see summer go… 😦

    And I heart frisbeer. I learned it tailgating a couple years ago and became mildly obsessed. We’ll ignore the fact that I suck at it.

  7. I was sadly too full to eat a hot dog at the football game this Saturday, that pic makes me really regret it.

    Your hair is gorgeous by the way, so shiny!

  8. Not even gonna lie, that hotdog looks prettttttty good… and shock top is the BEST! Is it sad that I pull those two things out of the entire post..hmm…

  9. Now that is a BUSY weekend! Sounds like such so much fun! Your crazy fun blonde friend is the cuteset thing ever.

  10. I don’t have any time off until Thanksgiving either. We’ll make it somehow!! 😉 Glad you made the most of your Labor Day weekend!! Love all of your pictures, looks like so much fun!! 🙂

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