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So Long Sweet Summer

It’s the last day of August, and Labor Day weekend is this weekend, which means the official end of summer.  Although, it seems someone has failed to inform Mother Nature of this because the temperature is forecast to be in the 90s all week.  As much as I’ve enjoyed summer, this one was brutal in terms of heat.  There were so many heat waves it was uncomfortable to go outside at times, and I felt banished to the inside and AC.  Despite the endless days of 90+ degree temps, I still had a great summer.  These were some of my favorite times.

I saw a Yankees/Phillies game in NYC

I went to a JMU Alumni event in Baltimore

I went to the Outer Banks, NC for a week

Celebrated the 4th of July there

Made a huge dinner for my entire family

I turned 25 with all of my friends at the beach

Went to Alexis’s bachelorette party in Atlantic City

Celebrated my 1 Year Anniversary

Watched Alex’s brother get married

The summer was crazy and busy, and I loved every minute of it.  I’m wrapping my summer up with a bang by heading down to Washington DC on Thursday to watch another friend get married and hang out with my college crew.  It’s going to be fantastic.

In other news, I signed up for a local 5k last night honoring those lost from the area on September 11.

This will be my first 5k, and I’m pretty excited for it.  If there are any other local ladies running it, let me know!  It’s so funny, because I was more hesitant to sign up for this 5k than I was my half marathon.  Who knows why 3.1 miles is more scary than 13.1, maybe because I don’t think I’m fast?  Anyway, so we’ll see how this goes!

Dinner last night was leftover from my moms weekend, a crab cake from Wegmans and some pasta.

The crab cake was perfect, not overly breaded and full of chunks of crab meat.  The pasta had tomatoes and asiago cheese.  They went perfectly together.  I made last night a spontaneous rest day, since I was still exhausted from my weekend of traveling but back to the gym tonight.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday, try not to hate it too much!

21 Responses

  1. What is this Wegmans you speak of? Looks killer!

    I’m looking forward to fall running and no more 90°/90% humidity days. Good look on your 5k – you’ll kill it!

  2. That pasta looks really good! I love Wegmans. I just hate how no matter what time you go there, it is always crowded! Have a good Tuesday! 🙂

  3. Ooh! a 5K! That will be fun, in a painful way.

    I agree that the summer has allowed for a lot of things (not raining every day like last year helped), but I am ready to flip my calendar page to the fall. I can’t take any more heat! Bring on the sweaters!

    • Haha yeah I think it will probably hurt a little. But I wanted to do another race before my half, since my only other one was over a year ago.

  4. Love Wegmans!!

    The end of summer…ughghgh. 😦

  5. You’re going to rock the 5k- no worries. I can see how it may bring more anxiety, though. Because really, there’s not much thinking that goes into it. Or pacing. You just run really hard.

    You’ve been breezing through the miles as of late, this will be fun for you! I promise!

  6. You’ll do awesome on the 5k! That’s exciting!

    The summer went by really fast didn’t it? How did that happen?

  7. hmmm,, I wonder if my sister would like to run that one??

    i agree about the seriousness of the heat. Bring on fall, baby!

  8. I think those weekend leftovers look incredible!! I am a sucker for crab cakes for one, and pasta I live off of! This was a stressfull summer for me…but I guess all can’t be blissfull lol glad you enjoyed yours so much!!

  9. You did have a great summer! This weekend sounds super fun too!

    People get really competitive during 5Ks which kind of annoys me, but they’re still fun to do. You’ll do GREAT!

  10. Tuesdays… yuck.
    I can’t believe summer is over either!!! Craziness. But I’m kind of glad. I’m ready to move on to better things in the fall 🙂

  11. I am never ever ready for summer to end. The thought of snow makes me cringe. That crab cake looks pretty good, guarantee I have now by Friday.

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