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The Most Deer

So, driving into work this morning I encountered the cutest herd (is that what they’re called?) of deer!

That’s actually inside my work complex, I see at least one or two deer every day and I love them!  We have cows too, but that’s part of a farm that’s in front of my work.  No I don’t work on a farm, but my sister is convinced I do.

Yesterday afternoon it was downright chilly out, a mere 75 degrees, so I decided to take my running outside for maybe the second time in the entire month of August.  It was a good run, not a great run, but I was only about 7 seconds slower per mile than I am on the treadmill which I don’t think is too bad.  In all I did 3.8 miles in a little over 35 minutes for about a 9:12 pace.

For some reason when I run outside I get the worst pains in my right shoulder that I don’t get when I’m on the treadmill.  I think it’s probably because I keep my arms more relaxed on the treadmill so yesterday I tried to focus on using my right arm and not holding it stiff.  I still had the pains, but not really as bad. Also, the thing I hate most about running outside is that I’ll find my stride, be grooving along at a good pace, and then have to stop for a red light or railroad crossing.  It will take me a few minutes to get back into that stride, and then I’ll have to stop again.  Very frustrating.  Anyway, I definitely saw a pace below 9:00 on my Garmin a few times which is super exciting.  I have a feeling I’ll get to run outside more and more in the coming weeks, so hopefully me and my shoulder will get more used to it.

After my run, I heated up some leftover Zucchini Pepper Basil Pasta and topped it with some Mozzarella cheese.  Just as good as the day before :).


Then I proceeded to get packing.  I made a master list to go off of, and thanks for all your suggestions of things I might be forgetting.  Chargers were a good one, I typically end up grabbing my cell charger at the last-minute.  Here’s my list.

makin a list

checkin it twice

Alex is going to make fun of me now, but whatever I probably won’t forget anything.  And, the suitcase mostly packed.  Still need to throw in toiletries and my makeup bag.

all my bags are packed, I'm ready to go

My outfits for the wedding and rehearsal are in the top section because it has a thing to hang stuff and I left them on hangers.  The Tiffany’s box is holding all my jewelry, which I may rethink packing and just bring in my carry on, I’m paranoid like that.  And yes, that is a huge suitcase for one weekend, but I like the compartment it has that allows you to keep stuff on a hanger.  I’m trying to decide what movies to bring to watch on the plane, I brought a SATC series to watch on the train last weekend, but felt all awkward when the naked scenes came up so preferably something without nudity.  Suggestions?

Check out this weirdo dream I had last night.  As I told you all, I signed up for the Philly half in November and last night I had a dream about it.  Except it wasn’t in Philly, I actually think it was DC, and some of you all were there.  Haha, I specifically remember running with Kacy, but I know there were more of you.  The best part, we somehow ran past Kleinfeld, you know the bridal salon, and all of us decided to go in there and try on dresses.  In the middle of our half marathon.  There was more to the dream, like it started raining and we all took our shoes off and started running barefoot, then I lost my shoes when I tried to leave Kleinfeld.  It was bizarre.  Eventually we stopped trying on dresses and got back to our half, haha so weird.  Let’s see someone analyze that.

Alright everyone, I hope you have a great day.  I’m hoping to be able to post either from the airport tomorrow morning or from the plane, but if I can’t don’t hold it against me.  I swear I’ll be back to check in over the weekend at some point!

20 Responses

  1. Awww, those deer are so sweet looking! I love deer!

    Your dream– lol. I really want to try on dresses at Kleinfeld’s…even though I’m already married 🙂

  2. Ahahaha… I’ve been having the random dreams, too. I blame the full moon.

  3. yes a group of deer is called a herd or a mob lol. That’s a way to wake you up! Looks like you are all set for this weekend! Have fun!

  4. I HATE having to wait to cross the street. I had to stop for 3 cars this morning and it totally screwed me on mile 5. 😉 I was tempted to stop the garmin but I don’t know yet if that’s considered cheating?!

    have a great weekend!

    • Hey you still had an awesome negative split during mile 5! I always stop my watch when I have to stop for a car. It’s not my fault!

  5. I love when I have blogger dreams! they are so much fun.

  6. I had crazy dreams last night too! There must be something in the air.

    I love that you have deer and cows outside your work. We had a bunny. Just one. He sits outside all day and eats the grass, but that’s nowhere near as cool as deer and cows!

  7. Kleinfelds would be a dream to go into! I would love to try on dresses there! That pasta looks so good. I cannot get over how good it looks. I definitely need to try making that.

    Have fun this weekend! 🙂

  8. Cute deer!

    Looks like you’ve got a great packing system going there. I take huge suitcases all the time. No shame.

    Still laughing about your dream. I dream about bloggers a lot, it makes me laugh.

    • I mean I figure if I’m going to have to pay to check a bag, might as well make the most of it right? haha glad you’re not creeped out that I dreamt about you.

  9. hahahaha, that is a crazy dream!! 🙂 But it sounds like fun, haha! 😉

    Those deer are so cute! There’s a place near my house where I go walking and the deer are so used to the friendly people there that they all come around and barely notice all the walkers/runners/bikers. It’s soooo cool to see them all up close like that!

    Have lots of fun this weekend!! 🙂

    • That would be so awesome! I think deer are the cutest, and I get so sad when I see them laying on the side of the road. Haha oh and everyone was having tons of fun in my dream.

  10. Never never never pack your jewelry! A woman I know lost all of it that way! The last 5 conferences that I have been on for work I’ve had notes in my bag from the TSA because it has been thoroughly searched. Searched like MY UNDERWEAR is in a different spot in the bag.

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