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Feels like Fall

So today I’m wearing long sleeves and closed toed shoes, and I slept with my window open last night.  It is glorious.  As much as I love summer, this one has been so unbelievably hot and stressful that I’m ready for these cooler temps and things to calm down.

So there is some drama going down here in Philadelphia for bloggers, have you heard about it?  Here is a link to the story NBC 10 ran about it.  Basically, the city of Philadelphia is telling bloggers they need to pay $300 for a “business privilege license” even if your blog doesn’t bring in any money.  Now while this doesn’t directly affect me since I live in the suburbs of the city, I can think of a few ladies off the top of my head who will be affected by this.  Sure I can understand if you’re operating one of the “big” blogs out there, pay taxes on what you’re earning, blah, blah, blah, but for the people who earn maybe $10 every few months it just kind of seems absurd. What do you guys think about this?

Anyways, back to yesterday.  After taking the end of the week and weekend off from running to rest my knee, I was super nervous to go for a run.  I went back and forth between braving the light rain and embracing the cool temps, or just heading over to the gym.  The gym won out, and once I got there and turned on the treadmill I started wondering when I became such a baby.  I ran winter and spring track all four years of high school, which meant I was subjected to snow, sleet, rain, and heat, but never did our coach put us on treadmills.  And all of those runs were done without a Garmin or and iPod also.  I’ve gone soft in my old age I tell ya.

Wait, where was I before that tangent?  Oh right, running.  Ok, so I took it easy for about 3.8 miles running them all at 9:05 pace and I felt fabulous.  My knee didn’t hurt, my breathing was in control the whole time, and 9:05 felt like a very comfortable pace.  This makes me so happy because when I first started really running again in 2008 10:00 was my comfortable pace.  I ❤ progress.

After my workout, I came home to raid the fridge and make some dinner.  The moldy jar of pizza sauce was finally replaced yesterday, so I decided on some mini pizzas.

These pizzas had sautéed onion, red, yellow, and green pepper, turkey pepperoni, and pizza cheese all served on Peppridge Farms deli flats.  My eyes were slightly bigger than my stomach because I was stuffed after this, but I am not one to let pizza get thrown out so I ate them all anyway :).

So what are you all doing to get through Tuesday? The worst day of the week in my opinion.  I’m currently listening to a RENT Pandora station, and trying to restrain from bursting into song.  Haha, have a great one!

17 Responses

  1. That is ridiculous. How could they possibly enforce that? Are they going to have a blogging division to track down people’s identities? Ugh. This encroaching on net neutrality and such makes me really nervous. If Philly has a budget crisis, they should figure it out without taxing people who are probably making the city a better place with their blogs!

    Sorry for the rant. Cute pizzas.

  2. Omg… that fine is ridiculous! And Sarah’s right- are they seriously going to pay someone to track down every philly blogger? Where would they even begin?!?! Seems counterproductive….

  3. That’s retarded! What are they going to do next, start charging people who have twitter and facebook accounts? And yeah, what Amy said – how would they even being to find all of them? LAME.

    Good news on the run!

    • From what I read I think they are first charging the people that actually claimed what their blog made them on their taxes. So you get screwed for being honest. Nice.

  4. That seems really ridiculous! I hope more cities don’t hop on that bandwagon.

    Good job on the run, I’m glad the pain is gone!

    Sometimes I feel the same way about the treadmill. I haven’t used it much this training season, but when I do I feel a little weird about it.

  5. Oh that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. What about young kids that have little blogs? Do they expect them to pay too?

    That pizza looks so good!

  6. Yeah, that definitely seems absurd, especially for the smaller blogs. Ugh.

  7. I wish it felt like fall down here!! It’s still HOT. Please send some fall down here, plllllleeeeease!! 😉

  8. It’s still so hot here. I am so jealous of the rest of the country who is saying it feels like fall.

  9. I read that article about charging bloggers $300. It seems a little extreme to me but I also don’t make a penny off my blog, so I’m biased.

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