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Le Sigh

Hooray for Thursday, only one more day until the weekend!  So, yesterday I posted a note.  Not this kind of note, this one:

There I was just minding my own business, thinking about how I was so ready for my snack at 10:30, went to get it out of the fridge, and it was gone.  The people in my office have the reputation for being scavengers, and if you leave cake or cookies or anything in the kitchen they’re gone by 9 am.  Silly me to think my beloved Greek Yogurt was safe hanging out in the fridge by itself.  Anyway, I was furious, and hungry which is a bad combo so back to my desk I went where I scribbled this little note.  I guess it worked, because there is miraculously a Blueberry Chobani in the fridge today :).

After the dramas of the day, last night was pretty standard.  I went to the gym, cooked some dinner, and played around on iMovie while watching Raising Helen.


  • 5.02 miles
  • 45 minutes
  • 8:57 pace

The run felt really good while doing it, but later after I had been sitting on the couch for a while there was the old familiar twinge of pain in my knee.  I immediately got on the floor and did some stretches, crossing my fingers that it would feel fine this morning, but no such luck.  I did some more stretching this morning before work, and it’s feeling a little better, but not how I would like it to feel.  I suppose I will be taking a few days off from running to hang out with my ice pack and foam roller.  So frustrating when I have been doing everything right to avoid IT Band pain.  With less than a month before I’m supposed to start my half marathon training, this is the last thing I need!  Grrr, stupid leg.

Dinner was a delicious turkey burger that I had made last week and frozen for future consumption, and some roasted asparagus.

from the crackberry cuz I'm sick of not having photos

The asparagus might have roasted for a little too long, but I still ate it.  My turkey burger was season with Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, and McCormick’s Montreal Steak Grill Mates.  With a slice of American cheese to top it off.  I actually made two of them and brought the other one for my lunch today.  Pretty excited about it, not gonna lie.  No one better eat that sucker, or I’ll quit.

Alright, well I’m outa here.  Have a great day everyone!


11 Responses

  1. Dude, I can’t believe you got your yogurt replaced — awesome! Stealing food is just one of those universal office no-nos.

  2. I agree with Marie – usually once stuff goes missing, it stays that way. I can’t believe you got it back! And as a result of a (passive aggressive) note, too! When someone put up a sign in my old office bathroom to use the cheap hand soap and not the perfectly fine, better hand soap also near the sink, I made a point of using copious amounts of the good stuff. Just to piss ’em off.

  3. I’m glad they replaced it!

    I work with mostly dudes, and yeah- serious scavengers! If anything’s left on the table for over a minute unattended, it’s fair game. Watch your fingers…

  4. Ugh, I HATE when people steal food. I had a roommate who was notorious for doing that.

    Sorry about the knee pain!!! 😦

  5. I hate when people eat my food. I used to have that problem when I worked at the bank. Why does anyone think that’s ok? They didn’t buy it so leave it alone.

  6. I love that you stood up for you and your Chobs! good job!

  7. I can’t believe they replaced it. That’s awesome.

    Worcestershire sauce really makes a turkey burger in my opinion. Yum!

  8. I don’t blame you one bit about the note… i would have done the same thing!

    And so sorry about your knee issues 😦 Maybe if you back off a little and let it rest, it will be as good as new!

  9. Way to get your yogurt replaced! I write my name all over everything I put in the fridge at work and so far nothing has been taken. My coworker had a half-eaten sandwich stolen once though! My #1 food craving: turkey burgers.

  10. I love that you left a note. People do that kind of stuff at my job all the time. I think it’s rude too. 🙂 I’m glad they replaced it atleast.

  11. I would have been pissed that my yogurt was gone. Who does that? At least they felt guilty, right?

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