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Friday, Friday!

Hello and happy Friday to you all!  I’m so glad everyone liked yesterdays post, and it’s interesting to see how many of us feel the same way.  I would also like to quickly thank my sister for waking up at the crack of dawn to drive me to work this morning, thanks you’re the best!  I’m headed right to the train station after work, and didn’t want to have to pay to park there all weekend.  Tryin to budget, ya know!

Last night the sis and I hit up the gym for our workout, and both did about 3 miles.  I’ve decided that until I start my official training for my half, that one run a week I’m going to focus on speed.  Yesterdays run was that run.

  • 3 miles
  • 26:46
  • 8:55 pace

Keeping in mind that I walk for the first two minutes at 4.0 mph.  It’s definitely getting easier and feeling more natural to keep my pace below 9 minute miles, so hopefully by half marathon day 9:05 will feel great!

Dinner last night was another delicious Red Barren frozen pizza, I think I’m a pizza addict.

Then we sat around counting down until the season finale of Bethenny Getting Married.  Seriously, my favorite show of the summer.  Her and Jason are hilarious, and I love them and their baby is adorable.  I hope they do another season.

Ok, so only two Formspring questions this week to answer, both somewhat similar.

You sound like you were in a similar ex situation than me. He left me and is with, well has been with another girl a month after we broke up. It kills me to hear about “them” and how well they are doing. Any advise?

It always sucks to hear about someone who broke up with you dating someone new, and enjoying it.  The best advice I can offer is to remind yourself of all the things that bothered you about the person, all the bad times, and not just dwell on the good memories.  Also, you’re probably better off because as cliché as it is, break ups happen for a reason.  Oh and block them on facebook, no need to see shit popping up every day.

Do you miss your ex bf since you talked about getting married with him? Who brought the M word up first?

Honestly, I don’t miss him.  I felt so disrespected by him because of the way he broke up with me (asking me out to dinner and then breaking up with me in an Applebees parking lot after almost 2 years together) that it made me realize he never appreciated me or our relationship, which in turn made it easy to get over him.  I’m probably the one who brought it up first, and he wasn’t ready which was for the best because now I know I wasn’t really ready either and was just looking for someone to get me out of a town and a situation at home that I hated.

Alright, and that’s it for today!  I’m off to NYC at 3:30 today, and I have a water bottle of vodka packed and sitting in my suitcase under my desk.  Who wants to take bets on whether or not I start swigging out of it by lunchtime?

12 Responses

  1. “Also my new BF is way better so taht helps”

    Is that the pan???

  2. Geez they are very similar questions! Your ex had a new gf a month after you broke-up? Ouch…Ahh things do happen for a reason. It’s more a pride factor I always say. Do you know I have tried to put that damn formspring on my page since you had on there the first time? Something is wrong with me I swear.

    And wait, is it DC or NYC this weekend? Either way I’m jealous so have fun. I may get a cocktail on lunch now muhahaha

  3. That frozen pizza looks really good. I’ll have to try out that brand.

    Have a wonderful weekend!! 🙂

  4. I didn’t get a chance to comment on yesterday’s post, but I really enjoyed reading it! I think we can all use perspective when judging – or not-judging – ourselves. Anyhoo, have a fab weekend – are you coming up to the city? We cooled it down up north just for YOU!

  5. Ahhh, speed work kills me, especially on the treadmill, for some reason.

    Have a great weekend, Kelly!

  6. So jealous you’ll be in NYC this weekend! My old neighbor is the manager of a restaurant on the East Side called Da Ciro…it is absolutely amazing!! You should check it out!

    & I’ve been working on speed but I can’t seem to shake that 9:50pace…Do you think that weight has anything to do with Speed?! Should I add that to your formspring?

  7. ex boyfriends suck. I agree with blocking them on facebook. Best thing I ever did for my sanity. My ex actually told me that it wasn’t as good with me as he was used to, so he didn’t want to see me anymore. Yah. Jackass.

  8. Have fun in NYC!!

  9. I don’t know us women allow ourselves to be not appreciated like we should be relationships–I know I’ve done it before too!

  10. Have fun this weekend! I love BGM too, she is so hilarious.

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