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TOMORROWWW!  Yup just one more day of work to get through, and then 7 glorious days at the beach.  Yesterday was a day full of pain and disappointment.  Is it inappropriate to talk about my bikini wax on here?  Yes?  Ok good, I’m going for it.

Now, I’ve had two other bikini waxes in my life, one before I went on my cruise in 2008 and one before my cruise in 2006.  Neither were a full Brazilian, but this time I decided to just go for it.  The place I went to yesterday used a hard wax as opposed to soft wax and strips of cloth, which was also a whole new experience for me.  Instead of putting the wax on and using the cloth to pull it off, this wax goes on somewhat soft, hardens, and then is just pulled off.  It sucked.  Now granted I’ve never been through child-birth, but I feel like it’s kind of the same.  I have to forget how badly this hurt before putting myself through it again.  Or I just might not ever do it again, and if childbirth hurts as badly, I’m never doing that either.  Do you think they give epidurals for bikini waxes?

30 minutes later, I hobbled to the train station to pick up the bf, and off we went to Target for some last minute errands.  $120 later we were out of there, I can’t even tell you what we bought that totaled that much, and I decided to reward myself with the best pizza ever for my traumatizing afternoon.  I went in and placed my order for my Old Fashioned pizza, Buffalo Mozzarella, Plum tomato sauce, basil, and olive oil.  The bf and I ran to the liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine while it was being made, and then I went back in to pick it up.  Now, I’m kicking myself because I almost checked to make sure it was right, but just signed the receipt and left.  I got home, starving, ready to dive in, opened the pizza box and wanted to cry.

Instead of my delicious pizza, I was faced with the worst pizza ever.  A Mediterranean Pizza with Feta (I hate Feta), black olives (hate them too), roasted red pepper (nope not a fan), garlic, and mozzarella cheese.  Those are the only two ingredients I liked.  I wanted to cry, I even considered getting in the car and driving 20 minutes back to the restaurant , but it was already almost 8:00 and the bf and I were both starving.  So, we sucked it up, picked off everything but the cheese and tried to make the best of it.  I mean really, Mediterranean and Old Fashioned don’t even sound similar!  Worst disappointment, ever.  I took a picture of the worst pizza ever, but I forgot my camera at home, so instead here’s a picture of the pizza we should have been eating.

Sigh, I still want to cry thinking about it.  Thank god we had gotten a bottle, ok two bottles, of wine.  Imagine if there hadn’t been wine?  I suppose I’ll get over it eventually, but just not yet.

The boyfriend dropped me off at work this morning so that he could have a car for the day, I think he is planning on playing some golf and enjoying suburbia.  I’m a little nervous because his whole family has mentioned to me on more than one occasion that he’s not the best driver in the world.  You break it you buy it baby cakes!

Tonight we have a few more errands to run, and then we’re going to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner.  Hopefully this dinner will help me forget the pizza disaster of 2010.  I’m going to try to squeeze some Jillian into my afternoon, since I didn’t get to yesterday, and then it’s early to bed for our 4 am wake-up call!  As of right now I am planning on posting once a day still while I’m on vacation, but you know how it goes, sometimes time gets away from you.  I’ll definitely be posting though, so check in!

I hope everyone has a great Friday, and enjoys the holiday weekend!

25 Responses

  1. Ooohhhhh… bikini wax…. harsh. That’s all I’ll really say about that one. :p

    Sorry about the pizza. One time, I threw a mini-fit after a long drive from Chicago with my mom when we went through a McDonald’s drive-thru for a drink. I wanted unsweetened iced tea. We pulled out, got back on the highway- it was sweetened. I became a huge baby and even though my mom offered to stop I said no and stuck my chin out in frustration. I was 22. If I had been in your position, I imagine I’d have trashed the pizza and ordered one from Pizza Hut or Domino’s or something. Just to show that restaurant who’s really in charge. Even if they wouldn’t care.

    In moments like that, I lose all sense of logic.

    • Drive through order mess ups really piss me off. I usually storm back in there all attitudey and demand my correct order.

  2. I have never had a bikini wax…the eyebrows hurt bad enough! You are my hero…that is some serious pain endurance! haha!

  3. I had a brazilian once and I took 4 advils beforehand. That helped.

  4. Aww that is the worst feeling! – The pizza mix up that is.
    1) Don’t mess with a hungry girl
    2) Don’t mess with a hungry girl and her pizza!

    Well now you just have to get through your work day and you are off! As for the brazilian .. never had that done before but was always super curious. I think I may just have to try it once.

    • Oh, and I get super cranky when I’m hungry too so you can imagine the temper tantrum. I still may try it again despite the pain of this experience.

  5. Ok you are killing me with the bikini wax talk. I am getting my first one ever (at 37 years old) the day before I leave for vacation. Not doing Brazilian but still, I was scared before and now…ugh!

    • @scargosun the regular ‘bikini waxes’ don’t hurt at all… the brazilian, however… I’m sure that’s a bit rough.

      My trick? 2 Advil liquigels 1 hr before… works every time.

      I’ve cried over getting the wrong pizza before! haha not to worry, totally normal, right?

    • Haha I’m sorry!! Really the regular ones aren’t nearly as bad! Just make sure the hair has at least 2 weeks growth!

  6. Whoever came up with that hardening wax had to be a man. You know they sell it for do it yourself jobs? How do I know? Yah – I don’t want to talk about it. Brutal.

    I’m pretty sure I would have cried over the pizza thing. Its just so disappointing.

  7. I’ve never gotten a bikini wax. Say what you will, but there are some sacrifices I will not make in the name of beauty. And your description? Not getting me any closer to giving it a shot. EEEEEEEK.

    I am pretty not-picky about my pizza, but I feel you in the disappointment of not getting what you want. One time I was dying for Chinese food, ordered takeout, and saw that my tofu lo mein was filled with…chicken. This vegetarian was not happy. And hungry.

    • Hahaha yeah I think I’ve swayed a lot of people into the “nope never” category. Oooh yeah any food order mess ups make me really upset

  8. I’ve got a brazillian a few times. I just find it a little awkward–I mean getting on all 4’s with your butt in the air and the woman waxing places that really shouldnt be seen in bright light and that close up!

    but yes, its painful. I honestly dont think its worth it much!

    • Haha well when she asked me if I wanted to do the backside I was like umm not that’s alright I’m good. So luckily I didn’t have to get on my hands and knees!

  9. I’ve never gotten a bikini wax. I really kind of want to know what it’s like though. I’m just. so. scared.

    I hate when people screw up my order (even though I would have loved that Medi pizza). Sorry for the disappointment!

    • Yeaah I was nervous all day. I don’t think the other two were nearly as bad, just the Brazilian and this hard wax shit.

  10. Oh god. I hate cheese in general but I REALLY hate feta. I accidentally had some once and thought my food had spoiled because it tastes like puke! But really, that is the worst feeling ever…knowing you should be eating something tasty and getting the wrong thing.


    Then again…I guess its not as bad as a Brazilian.

  11. I think I was purposely put on this planet so people could screw up my orders..and you would think I would have learned my lesson by now and would check before I left the establishment in a frenzy to get home and veg in front of the tv…but no…happens everytime. it can be a real downer! I’m sorry! 😦

  12. but dude, a brazilian with soft wax is WORSE. it is. I’ve had brazillians with both. And the both suck. but hard wax sucks less. seriously.

    i’m grimmacing just thinking about this.

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