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All Signed Up!

Wowzers sorry I’m posting so late today, but my morning at work has been spent moving from one office to another, and I’m just getting my computer back now!  Anyway, so happy Wednesday, we’re officially half way through the week, I’m leaving for vacation in 2 days and the only thing I’ve packed so far is bathing suits.  I should probably get on that huh?  The boyfriend arrives tomorrow, so I definitely need to get a majority of the packing done tonight.

Last nights workout was pretty standard, Yoga Meltdown.  I’m finally mastering the rolling t’s and side plank, which to me is almost as hard as the chatarunga push-ups because they hurt my wrists.  I blame all my years of gymnastics on this.  What wasn’t standard, was this:

Yup, I am now officially registered for the Philadelphia Half Marathon on November 21.  I’m already nervous.  I’ll probably start working on a plan in the next few weeks, and then training will officially start at the end of August.  I wanted to do the Philly Rock and Roll half, but one of my bff’s is getting married that weekend and I don’t think that is really a logical idea.

Because we are in the process of clearing out the fridge and freezer before vacation, dinner was a little random.  Some Kraft Mac and Cheese, and half a turkey and bacon wrap.

Look at that cheezy goodness.  I thought I had a slight dilemma on my hands when I realized there was no milk, but I just substituted the 1/4 of milk for a 1/4 of water and there was absolutely no difference.  Still creamy, cheezy, and delicious!

Out of pure boredom last night, I watched Yes Man with Jim Carrey and actually really enjoyed it.  The few glasses of wine I drank while watching may have helped that, but it was still a cute and funny movie.  If you’re in the mood for a silly Jim Carrey flick, I recommend this one.

Alright well I hope everyone has a great day, I plan on taking advantage of the much cooler temps today and going for a run outside after work.  It was so glorious out this morning, I wish I could have run then, but responsibility and 7 am start times call.

27 Responses

  1. oh my GOD I love shells and cheese.

    Congrats on the half! It’s amazing how much more motivated I become after signing up/paying money for a race.

  2. Hooray for signing up for the half! Can’t wait to hear about how training is going… 🙂

    • Thaaat should be interesting, haha. Sounds like yours is going really, really well though! You’re totally going to kick ass!

  3. How exciting about the half! I’m thinking about doing one in Pittsburgh this fall!

  4. congrats on the race!

    I think that dinner looks so good! mac and cheese and bacon–yum!

    I loved Yes Man. I got tempted to start saying yes to everything ot see what happened–didnt last too long haha.

  5. Yay for goal races! Does this one start at 7 a.m.? I watched a friend run the full two years ago, and it was freezing cold and EARLY. But I’m sure it will be amazing when you’re running, not freezing your butt off as a spectator.

    • I think it does start at 7 yuck. I know it was super cold 2 years ago, my friend ran it, but I think last year was much nicer, so hopefully it follows that trend!

  6. How exciting to sign up for a half!! I miss training for them. I always really (well, mostly) enjoyed it!!

    I had mac and cheese with my dinner last night too! Great minds…!! 🙂

  7. That is the same day as my marathon! Woo hoo!

    LOVE Annie’s Mac. So good to know that you can sub hot water.

  8. LOVING the cooler temps. I’ll definitely be getting outside for a workout tonight too!

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  9. How long is your vacation? That’s great! I need a week in the sun with no worries ohh and lots of booze!! I’m excited for ya…btw your din last looks fun and hearty and they are my fav!

  10. YAY! I am excited for you!!! Is this going to be your first half marathon?

    • Yup, my first one! And only my second race ever!

      • You will do great! What training schedule are you following? The one I used for my first half marathon is posted on my site if you are interested.

      • I haven’t made one yet, but probably something like the one I made for Broad Street just a little less intense. I’ll definitely take a look at yours though, thanks!

  11. I actually like Yes Man!
    Girl, I’m ALL about some kraft mac and cheese!
    And congrats on the half!!!!!!!

  12. I’ll see you there!! We’re doing a 10k this weekend in the area. You should do it!

  13. Woo hoo, half marathon!

  14. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Can we get together and play beforehand or afterwards? I’m doing the full!

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