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I’m burning up!

Is it sad that the first thought that crossed my mind this morning when my alarm went off was “Yes, only two more days after this!”?  Sigh.  Anyway, happy Tuesday pals.

I set off on a steamy 3 mile run yesterday after work, it was about 82 degrees and a lot more humid than I originally thought.  Mile 1 felt great, but by miles 2 and 3 the sweat was literally dripping off of me and I was having trouble getting a deep breath.  Meh, you can see I kind of self-destructed during mile 2.

I tried to pull it back together for mile 3, but I somehow judged my distance wrong and only ended up doing 2.86 all together.  Oh well, I’ll call it a success in that weather.  And just for fun, here are my stats from Friday’s run since I didn’t have them yesterday.

After my run, I came inside and did some abs and stretching.  Tonight I plan on doing a quick 1 or 2 miles because the humidity is supposed to be way down, and then tackling Yoga Meltdown again.  I can only imagine the triceps I’ll have if I keep doing those chaturanga push-ups.  Come on sexy arms!

Dinner was some leftover Chinese from Sunday night, buuuut I forgot my camera cord at home.  I had two steamed pork dumplings and some chicken lo-mein, and then a Skinny Cow Truffle bar for dessert.

Ok so recently I’ve been struggling with losing the weight I gained when I was injured and not running, and decided to try using a calorie tracker program.  I signed up over at Livestrong and The Daily Plate, and for a 2lb a week weight loss it gave me a daily calorie total of 1,183.  Now, I feel like that seems a little low but it does give you calories back when you enter your fitness for the day.  So after my run yesterday, 315 calories were added to whatever I had left for the day for my dinner making my alloted calories for the day 1,498.  Despite that, does this still seem too low?  I know general consensus on Twitter last night was yes, but now I’m asking the rest of ya’ll because I was definitely still hungry after dinner last night.

Bachelorette?  Kasey is a freakin weirdo, and that tattoo was an awful idea.  The end.

23 Responses

  1. Did you just call me pal?

  2. I don’t know much about weight loss, but yeah, 1200 seems way low – especially since you’re tall, and work out plenty. On the other hand, you don’t seem overweight in the least, so losing 2 pounds a week might be…overly aggressive? Meh. Good luck with it, anyway – I’m sure you’ll take off whatever you put on quickly.

  3. YES, that is too low!! Especially if you’re still feeling hungry. You’re so fit and active that I’m sure your metabolism has to be high. I’m NO expert, but I’d say 1800 would be a good number for you to shoot for since if I had to guess, you’d probably maintain well around 2300 or more. But like I said, I’m definitely no expert, just sort of guessing here. But 1498 is definitely too low, I’m sure of that.

    • Thanks for the advice! I am definitely agreeing with what everyone is saying, we’ll see if I can figure out a better range for myself.

  4. That is definitely too low! I NEVER let any of my clients eat less that 1200 calories…that is the bare minimum!!! And you are really tall…that is not a healthy range for your height…trust me!

  5. good. I’m glad that everyone agrees that’s waay too few calories. Applebees now puts the calories next to their items (very scary) and I discovered last night that you could not eat ANYTHING off of the appetizer menu with your entire calorie count. hahah soo sad

  6. The reason I’m always skeptical of “prescribed” calorie ranges is that it’s impossible to just estimate your basal metabolic rate accurately based on your age and (usually) one of three general activity levels. It’s a little more work, but if you’re looking to drop weight based on intake, I’d track your calories for a week or so eating “normally,” while also maintaining your usual activity level. Assuming you’re not gaining OR losing during that week, that’s your maintenance level. Subtract 500 calories a day from that, and that should be your number for losing a pound per week (based on diet only).

    Maintenance for me is around 2100-2300 calories per day. I lose when I drop below about 1800 or so, which I naturally do when I watch my carb intake. Not bc carbs are bad…bc I will easily house half a bag of Stacy’s pita chips in a sitting 🙂

    • Yeah, I think i’m going to follow this for this week, see what happens and then reassess. My problem lately was that I was gaining and losing about 2 lbs off and on for a few weeks, so I just kind of want to regulate that. And stacy’s pita chips with hummus are my fav snack ever.

  7. I feel like I always heard that anything below 1200 (without working out) is risking your body to go into “starvation mode” and will start screwing with your metabolism? But I dunno for sure… I’m not the biggest expert on the issue.

    And I feel like steamy runs are going to be a trend in upcoming weeks… it’s been rainy and now the humidity is setting in. I expect to be a sticky mess in upcoming weeks. Gross.

    • Yeah, I think when I factor in my workouts, I usually end up with more of a 1500-1600 range so I guess that’s better. And yup it’s going to be in the 90s here this weekend, and humid!

  8. I used my calorie tracker on my iPhone for about 4 months and lost over 10 lbs in just 2 months. I set a goal of 2 lbs a week also (could have been 1.5 a week) but my calorie limit was around 1200. It’s tough to do, but I stuck with it so it’s very possible. Good luck!!

  9. Yes, it is low– remember that isn’t including any activity whatsoever (walking, chores, etc) So you can take on some extra with that.

    Also, if you are already at a healthy or low weight, losing so much per week requires a pretty intense calorie cut. And as you lose weight, you have to start cutting calories to continue to lose (hope this helps!)

    • No I know, I said that it gives you the calories back when you enter in your fitness for the day, and I actually picked the moderately active option that does take those activities into account.

  10. I’ve used Daily Plate off and on for a long time and it does give low recommendations, because it’s based on the science of losing 2 pounds per week. However, that’s a really low number to maintain over time. I try to use it as a guideline to keep my indulgences in check and not lose track of bites, licks and tastes but I rarely keep it exactly in the recommended number of cals.

    Kasey is 100% nuts, and his awkward serenades killed me.

  11. My personal trainer friend Erica that I’ve been talking about lately has suggested a 1200 calorie diet..so I’m thinking that myplate has you right on track. But adding stuff like veggies to your meals will keep you full for longer and not add up to the cals! 🙂 Good luck girl! Lisa@home gave me a good idea…she’s got “slimmer me by 23” I think I’m going to take that and adjust it to “Slimmer Thighs by 25..” You in?! Lol

  12. That does seem so low…esp because I think you’re pretty tall right? I feel like it’s best to just eat intuitively, cut out the crap and see how your body manages on it’s own…

    That’s my advice! 🙂

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  13. I don’t count calories anymore, and I used to eat far too little so I don’t have a good idea of what’s appropriate. However, that seems really low to me. I say if you’re hungry eat, the weight will come off on its own since you’re running again.

  14. It seems low to me. I know that I maintain my weight at probably 2000 calories a day.

  15. DEFINATELY not enough calories, in my opinion. Just listen to your body and if you’re hungry, eat, just healthy choices!

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