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Acting like a dummy

A few pieces of advice to offer after this weekend.

  1. Drinking half a bottle of vodka is not a good ides
  2. Doing cartwheels after previously mentioned amounts of vodka is an even worse idea
  3. Boys do not want to listen to Glee’s version of Bohemian Rhapsody on repeat
  4. Just because you drank half a bottle of vodka, you are not automatically a better dancer

I’ll elaborate more in a bit, but first let me back up to Friday.  I went out for another 3 mile run after work, and was feeling really nervous leading up to it.  For some reason I was convinced my knee was going to start hurting, and that it was going to be a bust.  It was gorgeous on Friday afternoon, the humidity was down, and it was only about 75 degrees.  My 3 miles went amazingly!  I don’t remember the exact stats, but I finished in 27 something at about a 9:18 pace, which was faster than Tuesday’s.  I do remember that I negative split again, and my last mile was 9:04.  Hooray for improvements!

After my run, my sister and I went out for a few drinks at an outside bar near us.  I had two vodka and club sodas and we split an appetizer of Calamari.  The bf hates Calamari so I never get to order it when with him, luckily my sis loves it.  After our drinks we decided to pick up a pizza and head home for dinner and a movie.

Two slices of “Old Fashioned” pizza.  It was soooo good, I usually just get pizza from across the street, but I may actually make the drive for this pizza from now on.  Our movie choice was Shutter Island, and I really, really liked it.  I had heard mixed things about it, and how it was confusing and the ending didn’t make sense, but my sister and I both loved it.  I definitely recommend it.

Saturday morning I was going to get up and run, but my sister bailed on me and I didn’t feel like going alone so I tackled Yoga Meltdown again.  Still loving it, and I was absolutely dripping with sweat by the end.  The rest of my Saturday was spent at my friend Alexis’s bridal shower.  They had tons of great food, a fruit tray and veggie platter, sandwiches trays from Wegmans, and like 10 trays of homemade Italian cookies that her fiancé’s Aunt’s made.  I stayed away from that table and only grabbed a small chocolate chip cookie.

I love when I wear heels and my short friends don’t.  I look like even more of a giant.  Alexis is the teeny tiny blond in the middle.  As far as showers go, it couldn’t have been better.  No silly games to waste time, tons of beer and wine, and Alexis is one speedy present opener.  After the shower, Ashley, Michelle and I went back to Ashley’s house which is when all the vodka began to be consumed.  But first we played with some puppies.

And honestly after that, the rest of the night is a vodka induced blur.  I know we put on music and danced around on the porch, the boys ordered the fight and watched it in the basement, Michelle did some drunk ballet, and I did some drunk gymnastics, until I slipped on the wet grass twisted my ankle and hyper-extended my knee.  I’m a genius I tell ya.  It was a fun night that I severely paid for yesterday.  I was not feeling my best when I woke up, and one of the dogs was drinking my water, luckily I’ve been through enough hangovers to know that some ginger ale and greasy food will settle my stomach pretty promptly.

After we had all mostly recovered, we went and saw Sex and the City 2, finally!  I enjoyed it, and I agree with pretty much everyone else that the first one was better.  The clothes and shoes are still amazing though, and SATC will always have a soft spot in my heart.  The only thing getting me to work this morning, since I am still exhausted from my ridiculous Saturday night activities, was thinking that I only have to work three and a half days this week.  I have a half day on Thursday and am heading up to NYC for the Yankees/Phillies game, and then I am off on Friday.  Thank god!

Well I hope everyone had a great weekend, and didn’t act as much like an idiot as I did!

19 Responses

  1. Calamari and pizza! YUMMMMMM!! 🙂 It’s been forever since I’ve had calamari. I will have to order it at the next place we go to that has it!!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend 🙂
    I actually watched Shutter Island on Saturday!! I liked it too-It helped that I watched it at a lake house during a really bad thunderstorm!!!

    Nice work with the running! You’ll be ready for a 1/2 this fall in no time!

  3. Sounds like a blast!! Hey we all need to cut loose and dance a little bit, huh? Also I am really glad you got in a good pain-free run! That is awesome! 🙂

  4. Haha I live by the rule that good ideas when you’re drunk, aren’t.
    It helps!

  5. sounds like a ridiciously fun weekend! I haven’t had a night drinking like that in a long time–and drunk gymnastics sounds fun!

  6. I’m so glad your running is coming along! Great job with the negative splits!!
    & I don’t know how you managed to stay away from a tray of Wegmans Sammys! Umm…can we say WILL POWER!

  7. So wait… you’re telling me alcohol does not improve dancing skills? Are you sure??? Oh dear… I feel like I’ve been living a lie the last 6 or 7 years of my life… Crap.

  8. haha, sometimes nights like that are just necessary!

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  9. I feel the same way! All of my friends are short and when I wear heels and they don’t, I’m a beast!

  10. Haha, sometimes you just have to go for it and act a fool. It’s more fun than always being responsible.

  11. It sounds like fun to me. On Saturday, a friend ordered calamari but I was drunk and not paying attention and took a big bite of a fried lemon. Don’t ask why they fried a lemon in there.

  12. Oh I LOVE calamari!!! Oh gosh.. I had some last night actually. SO freaking good. And the half a bottle of vodka? Um I drank about half a bottle of some kind of liquor last night (that I now can’t remember the name of) and don’t really remember much of last night and I woke up kind of feeling like my head was about to explode, so I get you on that. CAN’T believe I just admitted that to the world.

  13. […] pizza was so good, just like my favorite Old Fashioned pizza, but square and across the street instead of 20 minutes away.  I may have found a new favorite […]

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