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Lost a few brain cells

Holler friends, how’s your Tuesday so far?  I am loving this break in the humidity we are having, and sleeping with my window open at night.  I plan to fully embrace it since after tomorrow our temps are headed right back up into the 90s.

Last night was PT appointment number 230,923.  I really cannot wait to stop paying them $21 twice a week and whatever else isn’t covered until I reach my $200 deductible.  Anyway, apparently my IT Band felt much better, and not nearly as tight as it was, which I could have guessed since my runs have been pain-free (knock on wood).  Thursday is most likely discharge day, woohoo!  I wonder if I’ll still have to pay them.

Dinner last night was nothing special, some grilled chicken, asparagus, zucchini, and pasta salad.

I’m not exactly sure what happened to the zucchini, but my mom tried to grill it like I do and we ended up with zucchini mush.  This is why all grilling should just be left to me.  Psh.  The asparagus and chicken were delicious though, and I bet you can guess what the chicken was marinated in.  Yup, Caribbean Jerk!  Haha, told you I’m addicted.

After dinner, I sat my ass on the couch and rotted my brain for the next two hours watching The Bachelorette.  That damn show just sucks you in, and now I’m definitely down a few brain cells.  Anyway, I’m still in love with Chris L the landscaper from Cape Cod, everyone else can go especially the weather man.  My god dude, grow a pair!  And Ali, you have some sick abs you should just be in a bikini for the remainder of the show.  That is all.

Tonight, I’m debating tackling a 3 mile run.  It’s gorgeous out, I’ve felt good for my last couple 2.5 milers, and I am allowed to slowly add distance.  I suppose I’ll see how I feel at the end of the day.

Have a great day everyone!

19 Responses

  1. Caribbean Jerk is by far my favorite. Hot sauce, marinade, whatever… perfect amount of hot and spicy!

    I’m so glad you’re finally getting out of PT hell! Goodluck with the 3 miles tonight… I hope they’re pain free! (Otherwise, please stop at 2.5- we need you back in running condition!!!)

    • Hooray for being done! And yes don’t worry I will stop if I start to feel pain. No way do I want to start this hell back at the beginning!

  2. That chicken looks delish!

    2 more days until end of PT celebration! Will it be wine or vodka?

  3. Seriously, I’m ready for you to be done with your PT relationship. It’s totally one-sided. If you can’t run without pain after you’re done with them, you should demand your cash money back. Or something.

    I am about to go out and walk in this incredible weather. because you can do that when you are unemployed..

    • Oh, you bet i’ll be back in there demanding something for free. It’s been far too long to not be pain free yet! I’m jealous of your unemployment and your walk.

  4. good luck! I’m going to try to run/walk today and see how I feel. Enjoy the weather!! It’s gorgeous here too right now but I think it’s going to rain later. Story of my life.

    • I feel like I’m getting too excited about feeling good too soon. I’m just waiting for the knee pain to come back and bite me on the ass

  5. So exciting about PT!!

    I have purposely avoided watching The Bachelorette because I know the second I turn it on I’ll be hooked!

  6. That dinner looks awesome! I wish I had that tonight!!! 🙂

  7. Fingers crossed that you’ll be discharged Thursday. Woo hoo!

    I have The Bachelorette DVRed and waiting for me. That damn show is addicting.

  8. Congrats on the coming PT discharge!! Excitement!!! And girl, I have to pay $30 for each PT session. I don’t even want to add up how much I have paid in all. And medical bills for the past 6 months?! Stress fractures are expensive.
    I have 2 episodes of the Bachelorette DVR’d… It’s so silly but I just can’t help myself from watching it. Kinda like the Hills.

  9. Glad PT is almost over for you!

  10. yay for discharge day! (such a gross word) I bet its so nice to know you are almost all healed up.

    Weatherman is a douche and annoying—roberto is pretty hot, as is Jessie I think.

  11. Oh yesss, is this weather not the nicest break ever?? Perfect for your planned run :). Best of luck!

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

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