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Happy Saturday everyone!  My sister and I went out for a hot and humid 2.5 mile run this morning.  Already at 9 am it was 82 degrees with 67% humidity.  Yuck.  I’ve decided that do to the warmth and humidity, it was really like 4.5 miles, haha.  Right?

  • 2.45 miles
  • Total time: 23.57
  • 9:47 Avg Pace
  • 273 Calories

After my run and a cold shower I enjoyed this breakfast burrito.  Two whole eggs, spinach, and one slice of American Cheese.

June 131June 130

Perfect refueling food after a hard run.  Last night my sister and I had the privilege of being VIP guests at our local Chick-fil-A.  We both got their new spicy chicken sandwich for free, before it hits the menu on Monday.  Since I love Chick-fil-A and spicy chicken sandwiches, (I used to live on the one from Wendy’s when I was in college) I was very excited about the addition.

June 129

My verdict?  Spicy, but not so hot that it is hard to eat, and delicious!  Although I am very glad that I decided to pay extra for a drink, because I definitely needed it.  I’m a fan.  After my Chick-fil-A dinner, I relaxed on the couch watching hours upon hours of Say Yes to the Dress, and the Flyers pull out a win to tie up the Stanley Cup 2 games to 2!  It started to be a nail biter at the end, but they held on for the win.

Now, I’m about to head out to the mall to meet up with one of my best friends for a day date.  I hope you all have a fantastic Saturday!

8 Responses

  1. Oh my god, I would die if I ate all that!

  2. I would die if I ate that, too… without fries. I really hope you had fries… :p

  3. I had the spicy chicken sandwich from CFA WITH waffle fries yesterday. And as you can tell, I’m still alive and kicking! 😉 I also loved the spicy chicken sandwich – even more than the original!!! And that’s saying A LOT for me!!

  4. I watched Say Yes To The Dress last night too. I just cant get enough of that show.

  5. I agree that runs in hot, humid weather should be doubled. You’re right on track 🙂

    That sandwich sounds divine. I think I’ll have to try it out next time I’m near a Chick-Fila. They’re kind of hard to come across where I’m at.

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