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Holy grocery shopping

So, this is what happens when the grocery shopper of the family goes to Europe for 18 days, and the only other two people in the house haven’t gone to the store since she left.

Actually, that container of humus wasn’t there before the most massive shopping trip of all time either.  So yeah, we have some wine, expired milk, and various things to mix with vodka.  It was a pretty sad sight.  Luckily, thanks to my very organized list, and an hour in the grocery store we were able to restock with all of this.

Yes, I know, I need to get reusable grocery bags.  I’m working on it, but now our fridge looks like this!

Both the deli drawer, and the crisper drawer are completely full also.  We’ve got some fresh milk, Greek yogurt, regular yogurt, ground turkey, two packages of chicken breasts, strawberry’s, blueberries, honey dew, cantaloupe, grapes, humus, green tea, cucumbers, corn on the cob, zucchini, yellow squash, a bag of spinach, a head of lettuce, deli chicken and american cheese, I could keep going.  You get the idea though, we basically had to buy EVERYTHING.  Now when I open my fridge I get all giddy and excited.  I also planned out the meals for me and my sis for the rest of the week, now dinner won’t be a text debate at 6:00 every night.  Score!

After my grocery shopping extravaganza, I reluctantly drove over to PT.  You know by now how that goes, some heat, stretching, strengthening, and then running in the rainforest.  Yesterday was even more hot and humid than usual because the receptionist got cold and turned the air off right before I got on the treadmill.  Lovely.  So 25 minutes and 2.2 miles later I died in a pool of sweat, and signed out and went home.  Fingers crossed that I only have 3 more sessions!

Dinner was a crab cake and some pasta sides thing, un-pictured because I scarfed it down in 5 minutes flat while chatting on the phone and watching Dancing With the Stars.  Tonight’s the results show, and I really can’t wait to see who wins, I love them all!  Derek and Nichole actually messed up last night, and that was the first time in awhile they’ve done that, it was sad, but it was at the very end and the rest of their dance was still amazing.

Happy Tuesday everyone, 3 more days till the long weekend!

18 Responses

  1. Look at the size of those melons!*

    *That’s what he said.

  2. Our fridge spent a solid week or so looking like that — and the “grocery shoppers” were both home! We just didn’t have time to go out and shop, so we ordered Greek Lady a whole bunch and I killed my stash of canned chicken. It’s no way to live 🙂

  3. There is nothing that makes me happier than a stocked fridge.

  4. My fridge never looks like that. Sadly. Mostly because I would get serious anxious trying to figure out how I would eat it all!

    And hooray for the end of PT being near! Can’t wait for you to start running more!

  5. I love the feeling of a well-stocked fridge :). very food blog appropriate grocery choices! ha.

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  6. Hey… at least you had wine!! Haha seriously though, that’s quite the haul!! I love having tons of good food to make meals with but then I get kind of overwhelmed when I have SO many options!

  7. Our fridges could be friends. I’m the grocery shopper in this house and our fridge looks like that every Friday before the grocery run. When you eat a lot of fruits, veggies, and dairy you can’t buy more than a weeks worth at a time.

  8. The way I see it, as long as there’s wine in my fridge I’m ok!!

    I do like to have lots of groceries though. It makes me happy inside.

  9. Only 3 more PT sessions….HOLLA!!!!!

  10. That reminds me of college -the roomates and I would get down to literally saltine crackers and macaroni noodles and frozen chicken nuggets and bottled water. That was it. Ahh…good times.

  11. I always get so excited when I do a big grocery shopping. And then I want to taste everything and end up with a tummy ache.

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