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Dollar Dog Night at the Ballpark!

Yesterday after work, I hightailed it down 95 to meet up with my sister, a few of her friends, and the boyfriend to tailgate for the Phillies game.  I got there a little before 4:30, and tailgating festivities were already well underway.  They all greeted me with hellos and hugs, handed me a beer and told me where the taco dip was.

I love tailgating and for a Monday night game, the parking lot was full of people drinking and playing games.  I suppose this is Philadelphia though, and we do love our sports teams.  Except when they’re losing, then we’ll throw snowballs at you.  Yes even you, Santa.

Me and my sister with our Lionshead Lager.

We all tailgated until about 6:30 when we packed up the car and headed inside to our seats.  The boyfriend and I were sitting in the section above my sis and her friends, so we separated and said our goodbyes.  The first thing the bf and I did after getting in the stadium was search out some dollar dogs!

Baseball games are really the only time you will ever catch me eating a hot dog, I just feel like it’s un-American to not enjoy a hot dog and a beer.  Yum.  For tickets that we bought two days before the game, we had pretty decent seats for pretty cheap.

I kept waiting for a fly ball to come our way, but none did :(.  Unfortunately the mist that was falling for the majority of the game, turned into heavier rain around the 6th inning so after the 7th the bf and I decided to head home.  I missed Ryan Howard’s grand slam, but at least the Phillies won!  Much to the bf’s dismay since he is a Pirates fan.

A little rained on, but still having fun!  Going out on a Monday night is definitely a tiring way to start the week, and I am dragging a little today but it was worth it.  Exactly one month from today I will be at my second baseball game of the season for a World Series rematch up in the Bronx when the Phillies go up to play the Yankees.  And as much as I love Philly, I will be cheering for my true loves, the Yankees, at that game.

Tonight I will get back to a normal routine and hit the gym for a swim and then a light run on the treadmill.  I missed PT last night because of the game, so Thursday’s session will probably be a little more intense than usual.  Oh well.  Happy Tuesday everyone!


28 Responses

  1. I’m really picky about hot dogs, too- but yeah, a hot dog at a baseball game is totally necessary.

    Looks like so much fun! Although I may give you a hard time after you go to the Yankee game. I’ll try not to judge you… :p

  2. Awww, baseball games are so fun! Perfect summer event 🙂

  3. Okay, aside from a huge whatevs to the Phillies, that looks like a fanfreakintastic reason to feel crappy in the office on Tuesday. Tailgating and beer and sporting events on a Monday? Si, por favor. Also I am totally jealous of your curly hair. That’s all.

    • Haha yeah I agree it was a pretty great time! And you’re jealous of my frizz ball lions mane? By all means take it off my hands for me, please!

  4. Aww that looks like fun! I am supposed to go to my first Phillies game tonight, but I’m not sure now because of the weather.

  5. Ah, I love Lionshead Lager! My friends who live out near Collegeville always bring a case when they come over. I’ve never seen it in Philly.

    • Really? They sell it in the distributor around the corner from my house, guess you’ll just have to trek out to suburbia! 🙂

  6. your hair is so cute curly! oh, and we’re officially enemies now. THE YANKEES??! boooooo.

  7. a pirates fan? ugh, poor thing. the pirates sadly aren’t a very good team.

    and you’re a yankees fan?? how can you be both? geez, that takes skills!

  8. I love going to baseball games with friends! It looks like you had so much fun!

  9. I dont think Ive ever been to a baseball game. Football yes, hockey yes (unfortunately) but never baseball. I think baseball would be WAY more fun than hockey!

  10. I worked for a Triple A baseball team for about 6 months and Ive never had more hotdogs in my life! YUM!

  11. Oh this is such fun! Glad you had such a great night out with your friends, sis, and bf!! I think going out on a Monday is great, starts the week off on a high note! And nothing says baseball like a hot dog!

  12. I agree! There’s no way to pass up a hot dog at the ball park. YUMMMMM.

  13. Dollar dog night is the best! Even though 2 is my max haha. Glad you had a good game, hope mine is as high scoring tomorrow!

  14. I really like going to baseball games in the summer. I’m more of a pretzel girl, myself, but I’ll definitely take a beer.

  15. That looks like so much fun! I’ve never been to a live baseball game before.. or any sports for that matter. I think i’m missing out…
    Nothing like going out on Monday to start the week off! I’m dragging today too but it was very worth it! 🙂

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