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Quesadilla Night

Helllooooo Thursday!!  I really love Thursdays, even though there is still one day left in the work week, I feel like I can make it through pretty easily so today is pretty much like the start of the weekend.  Right?

Anywho, one of the best things about my sister being home from college for the summer is that I have company at the gym.  Yesterday she was waiting for me to get home from work to go, and honestly if she wasn’t I probably would have talked myself out of it.  Same old swim workout, different day, ya’ll know what it looks like by now.  My sis said she was watching me, and I asked her if I looked like a real swimmer or like a drowning cat, and she told me a real swimmer, so score!  We also did some ab exercises that have left me incredibly sore today.

Dinner last night was quick and easy, black bean and corn quesadillas.  I first sautéed some pepper and onion, and then heated up the corn and black beans together.

Of course a quesadilla isn’t complete without cheese :).  There is yellow and red pepper in there with the beans and corn.

Folded over to get all melty and delicious.  I made one for my sister and one for myself.

And ready for eatin!  It’s going to be a Mexican themed few nights of dinner in the McCormick house this week because I threw some chicken and taco seasoning into the crock pot this morning for a chicken taco dinner tonight.  What can I say I love me some Mexican food.

I still have no idea when the boyfriend is coming, at the time of our last phone conversation last night he still had no flight booked out of VA for Friday, sooooo yeah.  Fun stuff.  Maybe he’ll make it, maybe he won’t who knows.

I have PT tonight so hopefully that goes well.  Have a great Thursday everyone!

23 Responses

  1. Sorry about your flake-ball boyfriend, but at least you’ve got your sister. Anyone who tells you you don’t look like a drowning cat gets an A+ from me. I would probably have Mexican, or Tex-Mex or whatever themed nights very frequently if I actually cooked each night during the week. In my book, beans+salsa+cheese=square meal deliciousness.

  2. I love sister time!! And yay for looking like a real swimmer! I definitely look like a drowning cat when I try to swim laps 🙂

  3. Your dinner looked awesome and yay for Thursday! Hopefully the BF figures out his schedule soon!

  4. Yummmm! That dilla looks awesome. Can’t go wrong with Mexican food!

  5. Taco seasoning is pretty awesome on all accounts. I use often it just because I like spicy…

    And you just reminded me how much I’ve been ignoring my abs as of late. Crap. Which is ironic since that’s my most noted trouble spot.

  6. Yay for looking like a real swimmer!! You’re going to be a professional at it pretty soon 😉
    Those quesadillas sound GOOD! I can’t remember the last time I’ve had one.. and that’s just a crime.
    You can’t predict what a guy will do. I hope that he comes!! Maybe he’ll surprise you last minute!
    Good luck with the PT!

    • Can I add that to my resume? Will it help me get a job? It is a crime that you haven’t had a quesadilla in awhile, get on that!

  7. Yum, I’m a big fan of Mexican too. Especially when you can make a healthier version at home :). Hope everything works out with your boyfriend’s visit!

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  8. I love having sore abs. Makes me feel so accomplished!

    Why don’t I ever think to make quesadillas anymore! That looks fantastic!

  9. my abs are sore today too! YES! I’m going to miss you at the gym today

    the crock pot looks mighty delicious 🙂

  10. I LOVE quesadillas! Theyre my favorite dinner, and theyre soooo easy!

  11. OH man, I want that quesadilla!! I used to eat quesadillas every day in high school – it was kind of ridiculous, but seriously – I LOVE THEM!

  12. hope you get to see your bf this weekend! 🙂 oh & lots o’ mexican food sounds pretty fantastic to me.

  13. I want to recreate this exactly tonight, this quesadilla looks awesome!! 🙂

  14. Aren’t sisters the best? Without my 2 sisters, I would just have 2 self-centered brothers. No fun! I hope your boyfriend makes it out to see you!

  15. Yummmmmmm Mexican food is the best. It’s quickly eclipsing Italian as my favorite multicultral food.

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