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My jaw hurts

I had to go to the dentist yesterday after work for two more fillings.  In total, I think that makes 6 for this year.  The good news is that I’m running out of molars to have cavities in, so I’m probably almost done.  The bad news is I’m super sensitive when it comes to Novocaine and the left side of my mouth was numb from 4:30-9 pm.  I even bit through my lip, and didn’t feel it, I only noticed because it started bleeding.  I’m sporting a fat lip today, it’s cute.  My jaw is also killing me where they injected the Novocaine, ugh stupid dentist.

I have no food pictures for you today since I couldn’t eat dinner, I swear I’ll get back to cooking and posting recipes sometime in the near future.  My sis comes home this weekend, so I’m sure I will be cooking for us.  Pumpkin and I spent the night like this watching Modern Family, Cougar Town, and Happy Town.  Not going to lie, I did a little cheer when Jules and Grayson decided to give a real relationship a shot, and not just the good old FWB (friends with benefits).

She doesn’t care that her furry body is causing me to overheat, she just wants to be loved.   Back to the FWB thing, how do you all feel about it?  Is it really possible for a girl to hook up with a guy repeatedly and not develop feelings?  I used to think it was possible, tried it in college with one boy, but ended up wanting more out of the relationship than he did.  Sigh, ain’t that always the case.  Boys are dumb.

Oh, for the single ladies out there, remember that green nail polish I bought?  Well, I’ve been sporting it ever since, you can kind of see it in the above picture, and it seems to be a hit with the dudes.  Seriously I have gotten numerous compliments from guys on my choice of toe nail polish.  I’m recommending you all go out and pick up OPI’s Jade is the New Black, and paint your toes immediately.

Yeah, that’s all from me today.  Happy Thursday, and happy pay-day to me!

22 Responses

  1. FWB– tried it once in grad school, and it did not work AT ALL, lol. Never again. Which I’m sure my husband is glad to hear 🙂

    Hope your mouth feels better soon!!!! 😦

  2. UGH…hopefully this will be the last filling you have for a while! Your tweets were cracking me up last night!!

    • Haha I was soooooooooooooo grumpy last night, and starving. No one was home so Twitter was the only thing I had to complain to.

  3. i actually asked my dentist if he could just fill all my molars ahead of time b/c i felt like i kept needing filling after filling. i figured it would be a good preventative step! 🙂

  4. Oh fwb …. Not good. I used to be the girl that no guy wanted to date they just wanted to be fwb. My poor boyfriend still deals with the issues that caused.
    Its not worth it. I say buy a vibrator and tell the boys to back off.

  5. Just hearing about your denist experience makes me cringe. I am not sensitive enough to Novocaine so they never put enough in, so I’ve been able to feel them working on my teeth!! I’ve gotta ask for double at my old dentist. Good thing it’s over!

  6. I never get novacaine and i prefer it that way! Seriously the filling onyl hurts for a couple of minutes, as opposed to days of a sore jaw and hours of numbness.

  7. I don’t have the attention or energy for FWB. It also goes against my preference for things being in very concrete categories. Your dental woes are giving me panic attacks, btw.

    • Haha I also like very concrete categories, probably why it didn’t work for me either. Sorry I gave you panic attacks, deep breaths.

  8. I feel your pain on the dentist – last year I had about 12 cavities filled at the SAME time as I got my wisdom teeth removed. My mouth was propped open for 4 hours. The dentist was horrible, too. I had 6 months of jaw pain.

    So glad that is over!

  9. I’m actually all for FWB. I’ve never been in an actual relationship but I had a FWB thing going with a guy I liked. He was the one who actually wanted more but I didn’t.. so we kept doing what we did and I enjoyed the kind of relationship we had because it worked well for both of us. I still love him but not in the way that I was ever IN love with him. If that makes sense.

    • No, I know what you mean, and good for you for knowing that’s what works for you and embracing it!! I get much too attached too easily, luckily I have realized that about myself.

  10. In my experience (that would be my current f-d up situation I’ve got going on) FWB doesn’t work. I went from liking him, to telling myself I could ignore it, back to old feelings… ahhhh the vicious and neverending cycle it’s created. Clearly I just need to get over it and pick up some green nail polish…

    And Cougartown was awesome last night! I did a fist pump at the end as well… ha

    • Oh man, been through that, sorry you’re going through it now. Haha I actually thought of you while I was watching, I was like “I bet Amy is watching this and loving it too”

  11. I had a FWB situation for like 7 years. It didn’t work out and one of us always wanted more, sometimes it was me, sometimes him.

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