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Temporary Insanity

That is my defense, and I’m sticking to it.  Since I was dead with strep throat all last week, I didn’t have the chance to work out at all, which meant I was excited to get back in the gym yesterday.  I also had a physical therapy appointment, but that wasn’t until 6:30, so I figured I had more than enough time to get a swim in.  I got to the pool around 4:30, did my workout, and was finished by 5:15ish.  Then it was on to some light stretching (since major stretching would take place later) and abs.


  • 200 m warm-up
  • 8 x 50
  • 6 x 50
  • 4 x 50
  • 2 x 50
  • 200 m cool-down

It felt great to be in the pool again, but my stupid earplugs were not working nearly as well as they did the first time, I think I need a different kind.  These seem to stop working as well once they get wet.  I could definitely tell I hadn’t swam in over a week though, my arms and back are feeling it today.  After the gym, I quickly ran home, and stuffed some pita chips in humus in my face before heading out the door again to PT.

PT was exhausting as usual.  I did all the normal strength exercises, and then got the go ahead to run for 15 minutes on the treadmill.  The bad thing about the PT office, it is air-conditioned like an office, not a gym, and the treadmill is in the very back by a wall of windows and the door.  The atmosphere resembles a rain forest, making it very hard to breathe.  I got about 12 minutes into my jog before I had to stop, I couldn’t get a deep enough breath, I looked like I had just jumped in a pool, and I was on the verge of passing out.  Damn humid office.  Um, but my leg didn’t hurt?  My therapist did express some concern that my leg and hip are still so tight though, so I think a follow-up with the orthopedist may be in my future.

By the time I finally got home for the day, it was 8:00 and I could barely keep my eyes open while eating dinner.

A piece of grilled chicken, a small crab cake, and some risotto.  Carb and starch heavy for sure, but delicious.

I watched Dancing With the Stars, and then immediately passed out in bed.  I’m still exhausted today, I think swimming and PT are a little much for one day.  Lesson learned.  Happy Tuesday kids.


21 Responses

  1. I bet you are still suffering a little from your sickness. Wouldn’t sweat it – oh BOOM, except you did! But yeah, it takes me usually a week after being “recovered” to feel 100 percent in workouts.
    Your risotto looks amazing. I wish I had the concentration to make some myself, but really, it just doesn’t taste good if you don’t use chicken broth. I’ll eat it in a resto, but I’m not that bad of a vegetarian to cook it myself.

  2. Congrats on getting back on the workout wagon! & even 12 minutes on the treadmill is still better than no minutes! Not to mention, running outside might have been worse!

  3. When I’m sick I don’t workout either. Its too hard!
    Glad your leg is getting better. You’ll be up and runnin again before you know it.

  4. Um, how excited are we that your leg didn’t hurt?!?! Yea!

    And getting back into routine after a drop off because of illness is always going to suck. Plus you just swam like a mad woman- expect to be a little fatigued by the time you jumped on that treadmill. 😉

    If you could send me your training plan you used last year, that’d be AWESOME. Thanks, love!

  5. Wow girl, I can’t imagine working out in addition to PT! I would be completely dead.
    Your dinner sounds GOOD!! Sometimes you totally need starchy carby things 🙂

  6. I love the title to your blog! and this post 🙂 cant’ wait to keep following you!

  7. That crabcake looks fabulous!! Did you make it yourself??

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  8. Ah no worries…when I am sick I am a HUGE baby and don’t workout! haha! I turn into a 5 year old…Keith hates it!

    • I wish I could have been a huge baby, but sadly my bf was in another state and not around for me to whine at 🙂

  9. good job working out today 🙂 love your blog!

  10. It’s so hard to get back into working out after being sick. Take it easy girl. I had to take 2 days off b/c of my allergies and running today was rough.

  11. temporary? juuuuust kidding

    Btw I only ran for 12 minutes when i tried last week

  12. Yay for your leg not hurting! Boo for your hip still being super tight!

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