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Summa, summa, summatime!

Holler, happy Saturday everyone!  I am currently sitting on my couch willing the painters in my backyard to hurry the eff up so I can get out there and lay out.  I don’t really want to distract them by laying in the middle of my patio in a bikini ;).

I suppose it’s only suitable that it’s May 1, and feels like summer.  This area has a fun habit of skipping spring temps and jumping right to summer, which is fine by me.  I’m currently sporting some white shorts and a purple tube top, and couldn’t be happier.  Ok, that’s a lie, I could be a lot happier but I’m trying to talk myself out of my crappy mood.  This is Broad Street weekend, and I’m a little depressed that I won’t be out there sweating my brains out with the rest of Philadelphia tomorrow.  Top that off with the fact that I’m all alone this weekend with nothing to do, or anyone to hang out with and you’ve got one grumpy Kelly.  One piece of good news, I can swallow with almost no pain today, hooray!

Last night, the madre and I watched It’s Complicated, and it was so funny.  Granted I couldn’t really laugh without wanting to keel over and die from pain, but I tried.  I really liked this movie, and the fact that John Krasinski was in it didn’t hurt, I really love him.  Alec Baldwin was hilarious also.  I really recommend this, especially to anyone whose parents are divorced, you’ll totally relate. 

It’s sad, but I might recruit my mom to hang out with me tonight, at least for an outdoor happy hour or something.  Thank god my sister comes home from college on Thursday and I’ll have a live in friend! And my wardrobe will double in size :). 

Sweet, it looks like those painters were taking my death stares and refusal of water seriously and are almost done!  I may be able to get outside after all.  I hope everyone has a great Saturday!  Also, this is my second post using Live Writer, um why did I not do this before?  So much better!  Ok, that is all, goodbye.


15 Responses

  1. I LOVED It’s Complicated!! So good. I cannot believe you live in Yardley. What are the chances? Anyways, we’re running around right now and our friends are coming into town in a bit so our meet up may not happen this weekend–but if things switch around I’ll def email you. Either way, I’ll be back this summer and we’ll plan in advance. Sorry you cant run tomorrow.

    • I know, such a small world! No probs, I figured you were probably booked solid, but we will definitely have to plan a meet up when you return! Good luck to you and your sis tomorrow!

  2. Well I wish I were hanging with you at your house! Lounging poolside sounds wonderful!

    And I’m sorry about the race this weekend. 😦 I suggest when we’re both not semi-cripples, we should hit up a race in Philly! I’ve got friends there and have never been to visit! Or, if we’re both still down and out, we can have a go at it in wheelchairs…

    I’ll bring the vodka.

    I’m kind of serious.

    • I’m all for a race in Philly when we’re not crippled, we have a half in Sept and Nov that i’ve been eyeing. And of course, vodka is always necessary.

  3. I love John Krasinski too!! And I’ve OFTEN recruited my mom and sister to hang out with me on weekend nights!! 🙂

  4. Ive been wanting to see that movie!!

    Im jealous of your nice weather – the sun is only just coming out now. Granted, Id almost rather it be raining so that way I dont feel bad that I buggered my ankle AGAIN.

    I may need some of Amy’s vodka!

  5. Lounging pool side sounds sooo wonderful! Can I come live with you? I’ll be a good live in friend too!

  6. I just put that movie on my netflix queue last night. Nothing wrong with recruiting your mom to hang out. A little mother-daughter bonding can be fun.

  7. that movie was super cute. i was surprised as to how much i actually enjoyed it. john krasinski is simply adorable in it!

    happy may 1st and pretty weather!

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