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I blame the Strep Throat

I apologize is this post isn’t up to my usual witty standards, but I currently feel like there are a million tiny ninjas in my throat stabbing me with little swords.  I woke up with the beginnings of a sore throat on Saturday, but since I was in our nations capital and visiting friends I decided to ignore it.  Sunday it was worse, and today I just wanted to cry, so I stayed home from work drinking smoothies and eating popsicles all day.  Thankfully I have a very nice boyfriend who took care of me and went and got me smoothies and popsicles :).  Thanks babe.

Friday after work I picked up the boy from the train station and we began our journey to Washington DC.  As I expected we hit the worst of the traffic just trying to get through Philadelphia.  I think the bf may be signing me up for anger management after listening to some of the things that came out of my mouth, directed at traffic and other drivers.  I tend to curse like a trucker, oops.  We made it to Alex’s brothers apartment around 7:15, so I suppose 3 hours and 45 minutes isn’t tooo too bad, although I bet we could have made it in 3 if it wasn’t for traffic.  Does anyone else take the expected arrival time on the GPS and see it as time to beat?  I get so excited when I gain minutes, haha. 

We met up with Alex’s brother and a few of the other guys who were in town for the bachelor party festivities, I apologized for crashing but assured them I would be MIA for the real party on Saturday night.  I don’t think I annoyed anyone too much, so hopefully they didn’t mind me being the only girl there.  We started out at a sports bar in Judiciary Square for some dinner and drinks, and Caps game watching.  All of my friends are huge Caps fans, and since they are not playing the Flyers (yet!) I was somewhat cheering for them.  Sadly they lost that game, but their series isn’t over yet.  After the game we moved onto Dupont Circle, I think, and a place called The Brickskellar.  Um, the beer menu was over ten pages long!  I was so intimidated.  Luckily the boys were more then willing to offer some suggestions and my first beer was a Schneider Weisse Heffe Weizen.

april 160It was delicious and wheaty.  It looks much darker in this picture than it actually was, but it was still a darker beer then I normally choose.  I liked it though.  Next, I went with a somewhat more boring beer, but still one of my favorites.

april 161Citrusy and wheaty all combined, a winning combination in my book!  Check out how intense this menu is.

april 157

april 159

That’s just one page!  Definitely a hit with the boys, and me too!  Luckily after two beers, I wasn’t the only one who was getting sleepy, and we all called it a night.

The boys were up bright and early on Saturday to head to brunch and then over to the Nationals game, so I packed up as much of my stuff as I could into the bf’s backpack and made my way to the Washington Monument to meet up with my two friends at their kickball game.  I didn’t want to drag my suitcase around all day, so I shoved a few outfits and a pair of shoes into the bag, and went off to conquer the Metro.  I have to say, in terms of public transportation the Washington DC Metro is much easier to navigate then the NYC Subway System.  I didn’t mess up once, and made it to all of my destinations!  It was a dreary and chilly day in DC, but I was excited to see my friends.

april 162They play all their games right on the grass between the Monument and the WWII Memorial.  After their games, we stopped off at Potbelly’s for sandwiches before heading to the bar that sponsors their team for a few beers.  I had a turkey and swiss sub on wheat bread, and it was delicious.

april 165We only stayed for a few beers at the bar, because we didn’t want to accidentally get too drunk to go out later that night, haha.  After a little regrouping, some coffee, and showers, the three of us were ready to head back into DC (they live in Arlington).  We were undecided about a place to eat dinner, but wanted it to be somewhat close to the bar we were going to, and when we got off of the Metro in Dupont, The Front Page was right across the street and sounded delightful.     

april 166

That’s Dani and Adrienne at dinner.

april 167 Adrienne and myself.  After dinner we went over to The Mad Hatter where we proceeded to dance the night away.  I wish I had taken pictures in the bar, there were some cool Alice in Wonderland decorations, but I was too busy shaking my booty and trying not to fall off my 4 inch heels.  My calves got a work-out for sure on Saturday night.

Sunday I slept in until 11 am, which is unheard of for me these days, and then I was back to the Metro to navigate my way back to DC and to the bf.  We got on the road, and luckily there wasn’t nearly as much traffic on the way home.  It was a great weekend, and after spending it between DC and Arlington, I can honestly say I really like it down there, and wouldn’t mind living there someday.  So who knows, maybe I will.  Ok everyone that’s about as much as I can muster tonight, I’m going to finish my tea and head to bed.  Hopefully I am feeling better in the morning and can make it to work.  Goodnight ya’ll!


35 Responses

  1. Oh sweetie, I hope you’re feeling better soon! And if you’re feeling bad at dinner, you totally can’t tell- you look super cute! 🙂

    Get some more of that sleep thing that people talk about. I don’t know what it is, but I heard it’s fantastic…

  2. I’ve been to all those DC bars!! The Brickskellar has a huge beer menu, but the last time I was there, they were out of everything that I tried to order.

    Feel better soon.

  3. Awww, I hope you feel better soon!! Sounds like a great weekend…dance nights are the best! 🙂

  4. I love it when fellow bloggers come to my neck of the woods & i recognize what they’re talking about! It sounds like you had a lot of fun in DC I’m sorry about your sore throat though! I just got over the whole swallowing knives feeling…praying it isn’t strep!

    • I love that too! Yeah, I’m taking an antibiotic just in case it is. Apparently there is a really bad strain of it going around.

  5. YES! Move down here, Kelly, and we can relive our college days together! Now that would be trouble 😉 Hopefully next time you visit I’ll actually be in town to have fun with you ladies!!

  6. Blechhh. How is it that fun weekends so often end in nagging illness? At least you wore pretty clothes and drank beer and saw phallic national monuments.
    I had to stop using the estimated time of arrival tool on my GPS because it was turning me into the aggro driver from hell. I took a really sick pleasure in beating the time by 10, 15 minutes. Finally, some shred of common sense told me to leave it alone and just go by mileage.

    • Um because we are old and can’t torture our bodies like we used too. Yeah, I probably should turn off that feature I’m going to end up dead or wanted by the police for excessive speeding.

  7. ahhhh I love Potbellys!!! My dad almost bought the restaurant when there was only one in Chicago before it expanded and he wanted to open more locations. How sweet would that have been?! too bad it didn’t happen!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend although I am sorry you are sick today! I was laughing at your road rage though…that is totally me. I swear when I get into traffic it is like I am possessed!!

  9. I Loooove the Brickskellar! I’ve been there a bunch of times! Your post makes me miss DC, I need to get down there ASAP. Glad you had fun.
    Feel better soon!

  10. so sorry you weren’t feeling good for you dc trip. and a major bummer that you’re still feeling sick. at least you get to be babied and eat popsicles and drink smoothies.

    the brickseller seems like a fun place!

  11. Oh darlin I hope you feel better! That’s such an awful feeling! Lots of rest and fluids!

    It looks like a wonderful weekend!! Love Potbelly’s!!

    Have a lovely day!

  12. you look absolutely gorgeous in that last picture! seriously, so pretty. hope you get to feelin better!

  13. Aww I hope you feel better!!! Seems like everyone is getting sick lately!
    You look GORGEOUS at dinner girl!
    Sounds like a fun weekend, for sure!

  14. I hope your feeling better soon!!
    I agree with Amy – if you werent feeling well at dinner you hid it WELL!! You look awesome in that picture 🙂

  15. OMG I totally do that with the GPS. I get obsessed with “beating” it.

    Strep is THE WORST. I hope you feel better soon girl.

  16. aw, how much fun is this!? i live like 2 feet away from brickskellar and front page :).

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  17. i’m sorry about the throat ninjas & hope your sore throat clears up soon!!

  18. you’re beautiful. just saying. hope your feel better!! damn those tiny ninjas.
    i have to worst road rage too. can’t help it!

  19. Booo thats no fun. The drive or the strept. However yes, GPS is time to beat; my brother and I basically raced it all the way to South Bend. It’s fabulous on long car rides!

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