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It sucked me in

Hehe, so remember when I told you about the harness and tie-out I bought Pumpkin so she could roam around outside with me, and how she hated it?  Well I put it back on her to take a picture just so you all could see just how distressed she is.  Don’t worry, she only stayed mad at me for a few minutes.

Hahah she just stood like that and wouldn’t move.  Silly cat.  She didn’t like her collar at first either, but now I don’t even think she notices it, so I’m thinking she’ll get over her hatred of the harness, especially if it means she can go outside.

On the exercise front, I swam last night for the first time since oh, um last Wednesday.  My arms are loving me today, and apparently all this swimming is making my back broader.  According to my mother anyways.  Thanks mom, just what every 25 year old women wants to hear “I think this swimming is giving you a broad back”.  Well I don’t care what you think, just zip the damn dress!  Oh yeah, she bought me this great BCBG dress to wear to one of the 30823 weddings I have this year, and I currently look like I’m pregnant in it.  It’s one of those super tight, strapless things, so this gut from not running needs to hightail it back to where it came from by the end of the summer.  Or I need to invest in some SPANX.

Oh yeah, back to my swim.

  • 8 lap warm-up (200 m?)
  • 8 x 2 laps (50 m)
  • 6 x 2 laps
  • 4 x 2 laps
  • 2 x 2 laps
  • 16 lap cool-down (400 m?)

One of these days I swear I’ll stop being so lazy and ask how big the pool is, until then we’ll just deal with my estimations.  Also, ear plugs are my new bff!  I used them for the first time last night and did not get any water in my ears at all, normally I’m stopping every lap to bang some water out of my head.  This made swimming much more enjoyable for me.  Ok, rant time for a minute, biggest gym annoyance?  People who walk around completely naked in the locker room.  There was a girl there yesterday who walked from the showers, to the locker room with only a towel on her head, and then she pulled on some pants (but didn’t button them) and got on her cell phone.  While still topless with the towel on her head.  Wtf girl, get dressed, no one wants to see you naked, and if you have to be naked for a few minutes then do it discreetly.  Ok, rant over.

Dinner last night was a rotisserie chicken, grilled veggies, and mashed potatoes from our local gourmet grocery store McCaffrey’s.  Since I’m going out of town this weekend and my mom eats like a rabbit, she doesn’t want to buy any food, so prepared foods it is.

Good thing she only bought the small container of mashed potatoes, because I would have taken the whole thing and sat on the couch eating just that.  I sort of love mashed potatoes.  The veggies were alright, I like the way I make mine better, but I still ate them.  The chicken was delicious, as always.  Boo for no Modern Family or Cougar Town last night, I was stuck watching the 16 and Pregnant after labor special with Dr. Drew.  The one girl got engaged on the show, you know how her 16 year-old bf proposed?  He got down on one knee and said I want you to be my girl, be my girl.  Oh, I’m sorry is that how you’re asking me to marry you? Gaaaah.  These kids are dumbasses.

Hmm, I started this post thinking I had nothing to say, and here we are 630 words later, uh I guess I’ll stop now.  Happy Thursday everyone!


29 Responses

  1. lol, people who are so openly naked in locker rooms get on my nerves too 🙂

    Dinner looks awesome! I love mashed potatoes…haven’t had them in forever though. Hmmmm… 🙂

  2. dude! Cell phones in locker rooms are totally illegal at my gym (or rather, the gym I quit going to) because they all have cameras now. I would rat her out to management!

  3. haha 16 and pregnant-love it. It’s like a car wreck that you just can’t look away from while driving down the road!

  4. hahaha I’m laughing at the ‘and my mom eats like a rabbit’ comment. Oh, and naked locker people better be reading this! ew.

  5. I have a HUGE weakness for mashed potatoes!! YUMM!

  6. Jillian says strengthened shoulders (aka broader back) creates a v taper and that’s what we want so our waist will look smaller. ha ha. Obviously she’s like my god these days since that’s all I can apparently do. So maybe we’ll be linebackers together if they ever create a female football league? That’d be neat…

    • Hahaha, oh god, in that case my waist better be looking super tiny, oh wait that’s right, I don’t have one of those either. I’d totally be perfect for a linebacker position.

  7. Good swim! I totally agree with you on ear plugs…total lifesaver!!!

  8. Haha I watched the after labor special too.
    I would have said no if I was proposed to like that. He didn’t even sound genuine.

    I love the cat harness. Did you know cats can’t stand up when they have stuff on their bellies? That could be why she just stands there. Try loosening the belly part and see if that helps.
    I learned this by accident when I was dressing my cat when I was younger. It is about the funniest thing I have ever seen. It doesn’t hurt them-but it messes with their center of balance.

  9. Naked girl needs to get with the program. That would really bug me too!
    Aww poor kitty 😦 My cats would never allow a harness, I can just see it now. They are spoiled. No, they are beyond spoiled.

  10. My roommate swears by spanx! I think I will be investing for the 1 wedding I will be attending this year as well!

    & can I just say…I can’t stand public lockerroom nudity!! I encountered a problem similar to yours…only she just stood in front of the mirror blow drying your hair. No homegirl, no.

  11. I actually had to take note b/c about a zillion things you said made me think of something related.
    1. Spanx = awesome I don’t care how in shape you are. Celebs wear two at a time to get into those dresses.
    2. Cat pic was hilarious. Like our dog in her life vest. She kept walking sideways like she could get away from it.
    3. Naked people, SATC episode. Right there with you.

  12. Hahahahaha – amazing post, Kelly!
    Loved your blog, btw 🙂
    Have an amazing Thursday yourself!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  13. I love your cat. That cock-eared face is my favorite. Whatevs, you know, if you can wear Spanx, she can wear that little harness thingamajig.

    So, I don’t totally mind naked people in the locker room. But here’s my favorite crazy person gym story: this woman at my old YMCA would stand in the middle of a (very small) stretching room, put on a jangling skirt and BELLY DANCE for 20 minutes…all while people were stumbling over each other to do abs or whatever. On the one hand, I admire her balls, on the other hand, I hated her and wanted her to disappear.

  14. hahaha, isnt 16 and pregnant just the best?? 🙂

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  15. I avoid gym locker rooms for this reason. When I go, or used to go, I just drive home sweaty and shower there. Too many middle school flashbacks.

  16. swimming is such a fantastic workout. i can’t wait until my pool is opened!

  17. spanx are a godsend. forreal. sometimes i just wear them when I’m “feeling fat” so that my thighs won’t rub together too much…


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