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Marathon Monday!

Last year was the first year that I really gave the Boston Marathon much thought, as running and I had just recently decided to give our relationship another go, but as with any new relationship I devoted my whole attention to it.  I read articles on Runner’s World for weeks about who to watch, and what to expect, and going in to marathon Monday, I was rooting for Ryan Hall and Kara Goucher.  Seeing as I have a full-time job, I thought watching the actual marathon would be somewhat difficult, but luckily Universal Sports was streaming live coverage all morning.  I sat at my desk for the entire thing, amazed at how so many people could run 26.2 miles faster than I could probably run one.  It gives me chills just thinking about, and 2 weeks before my first road race, Boston was exactly the motivation I needed to keep training and pumped.  Now, I may not have a race in two weeks this year, but I am still just as excited for Boston, and hopefully I will be able to watch the coverage again.  Also, I’ll be rooting for my favorite cynical anti-blogger, The Angry Runner, and hoping she kicks ass.  Good luck to everyone out there running Boston today!

Ok, back to recapping my weekend activities.  Are you like me and completely lazy with your blog reading on weekends?  Here’s what you missed:

Sunday morning, the bf and I woke up and went to my favorite little breakfast/brunch place.  It sits right on the Delaware River, has beautiful views and absolutely amazing food.

Yup, that’s the Delaware, doesn’t it look small for a major river?  No one ever believes that New Jersey is in fact, that close.

This was the view from our table.  The hardest thing about going to a brunch place for me is making the decision between breakfast and lunch foods.  Typically I order a Turkey Club sandwich, but yesterday I was really digging the omelette’s and went with it.

My omelet had spinach, sautéed  onion and green pepper, bacon, and American cheese.  Served with home fries and wheat toast.  This thing was gigantic, I didn’t even get through half of it and brought most of it home, which made for a lovely Monday morning breakfast a few minutes ago ;).  The bf ordered everything on the menu.

Two blueberry pancakes, home fries, 2 pieces of bacon and sausage, scrambled eggs, and wheat toast.  He left 1 piece of sausage and the eggs, nice job babe, you make me proud :).  After our breakfast feast, the options were either go home and lay on the couch with our pants unbuttoned, or do something active to make use of the pounds of carbs we’d just consumed.  Being active won, so we headed over to the driving range and par 3 course.

Babe in action, he kicked my butt, but I was having an off day.  There’s some fun video that I may try to upload later.

I would actually really love lessons so I could become an actual golfer, and my own clubs, with perhaps a pink bag, or purple.  Not that I’ve given my clubs and bag more thought than actual golf or anything, no nothing like that…  I did manage to par the 17th hole, and I was very proud of myself!

After golf there was some typical Sunday errand running with stops at The Home Depot (my god that place is a mad house on Sundays!), Dick’s (because they’re right next door to each other and I have a problem), and Pets Mart to pick up some prizes for little Pumpkin face.  She always wants to come outside with me, so I picked up a harness and long tie out thing so she can run around outside when I’m out there.  She doesn’t actually like her prizes yet, but I’m sure they’ll grow on her.

The bf and I relaxed and watched Sherlock Holmes before I had to take him to the train station.  Great movie, I really liked it a lot, and I’m thinking staring at Jude Law for two hours might have something to do with that.  Irregardless of his beautiful face and accent, the movie was funny and entertaining and I will give it my recommendation.  Not like that really means much as I would also recommend Cross Roads, give Britney a chance!

The bf headed back to NY last night, he has a job this week, hooray babe make that money!  He will be back on Friday though, and the two of us will be venturing down to DC for the weekend.  Ok I have rambled on for far long enough this Monday morning.  I hope everyone has a great day!

30 Responses

  1. Blueberry panckes are my favorite! YUM! I like the golf pictures…I am terrible! I am a first class “WIFFER” haha!

  2. Kelly I’m so glad you had such a great weekend!! I love all of your activities- brunch looks absolutely delicious! And the fact that you mentioned Crossroads makes me quite sure that you and I are meant to be best friends? Are you willing? You, me, and Britney makes three. Done
    I hope you have a fantastic start to the week, love!

  3. Ha. I dropped off the planet this weekend, too. It was awesome. I’ve never been to a driving range, which I guess makes my persistent hating on golf kind of uninformed. Maybe it’s fun…all that swinging of a club and hitting a ball. Yeah. Or not. But glad you got some QT with the boy who eats. Happy Monday!

  4. Oh I loved Sherlock Holmes and I’ll be the first to admit that Jude Law was a MAJOR part of that! There’s just something about the accent… man. When I go to Ireland in June, I’m thinking of meeting me a husband there because wouldn’t it be awesome to have your very own man with an accent?! Ok, so maybe I’m dreaming there but I STILL love the accent.
    Anyways, I so like Britney and I’m not ashamed of it! She’s not the best actress ever and she kinda went off the deep end for a while there but you can’t deny she can sing!
    Have a great Monday love!

  5. I think I have a food problem, every time I see pictures of someones meal I just start drooling involuntarily. That omelet looked great!

    & you’re coming to DC?!

  6. The first marathon I really got into was the Chicago- it’s insane to watch!

    And ditto on streaming live updates… 😉

    I want a pink plaid golfer’s bag. But I suck at golf. Things to work on…

  7. i had my first experience at a driving range a couple of months ago. i was surprised at how fun it actually was!

    i love the in action photos of you & the bf! too cute!

  8. I would love to learn to golf. The whole culture of it totally draws me in. And the outfits of course! haha

  9. WOW – Im super impressed that he ate all that breakfast!

    Also – I wanted to take up golf so I could buy some pink clubs, and a pink bag. We went to the driving range, and it turns out I REALLY suck. Like – bad. Too bad because I really wanted those clubs!

    • I know, even I was impressed! Normally he eats a lot, but that was impressive even for him! Um I look at the same pink clubs every time I am in the sporting goods store.

  10. One of my friends loves golf. She always tries to get me to go to the driving range with her, but I’ve never gone.

    • It’s fun, and there were some girls there on Sunday who were soooo bad so there is nothing to be embarrassed about if it is your first time!

  11. It looks like you and the BF had a great weekend! I need to get to the zoo sometime.

    Speaking of DC, I’m gonna be there this weekend too! Well just Fri night/Saturday afternoon. If you have time you should DEF. check out the DC zoo-it’s free and so awesome!

  12. Yes I am super lazy on the weekends with the blog reading, which is why I am just now reading about your weekend! Looks like fun! And what’s wrong with Crossroads? Quality film.

  13. I am awful at Golf…watching the Masters every year always makes me want to play, but I’m unteachable! And I’m with you on the trashy movie front, I love crossroads… 🙂

  14. I’m so intrigued by Boston. It really is so motivating.

    You should totally take golf lessons. It’s a fun hobby!

  15. I never even knew about marathon monday until yesterday! Blog world opens up your eyes to SO many things!

  16. i want to pick up golf for the clothes. and the boys. but mostly the clothes.

    oh, and also the golf.

  17. Forgot to thank you for the shout out. 😉

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